Rising star Khaya Mthethwa takes it all

By Zodwa Mayisela    22-Apr-2013 11:26 UTC+02:00 1

Clash Of The ChoirsHe may be seen as a new comer in the industry but Khaya Mthethwa seems to be winning it all. First from claiming the Idols title as South Africa’s best rising artist, and now taking the Clash of The Choirs title.

According to the Mail and Guardian, the title is accompanied by a prize money of R750 000. However, this money won’t be deposited into Khaya’s bank account. R500 000 will go to the choir and the remaining R250 000 to the Siyanakekela “We Care” Children’s Home (UMlazi), which was chosen by the choir as its charity.

Apparently the R500 000 that will go to the choir will be shared by members of the choir, although it is unknown how much each member will get. Ndu Shezi, a music student at the University of Kwazulu-Natal, said she will use her share of the money to pay for her university fees.

Asked how he felt after winning the title, Khaya made it clear that it was his choir that won, not him. He said he was only there to help.

At one point during the competition, Khaya even stepped on the mic to raise the bar for other choir masters and all these tactics seem to have worked for his fans.

Khaya said winning this competition was a starting point for his choir and encouraged all his members to keep going even after the competition.


  1. Lizzie says:

    Wow, someone will be able to pay varsity fees thanks to Khaya. Thank you Khaya. & I like your humility.

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