Rumor: Apple Plans Update for iPhone X and New iPad Screens

By Mvusi Ngubane    13-Nov-2016 22:58 UTC+02:00

Online reports suggest Apple Inc. is preparing to release an impressive range of handsets in 2017. Among these gadgets is the highly speculated, next edition iPhone — thought to be the iPhone 8 or iPhone X — as well as new iPads.


Apple will set its attention on making devices that defy its own conventions. This is supported by several analysts, including KGI Securities’ Ming-Chi Kou. The KGI analyst and those who share his sentiments cite two dominant factors to motivate their predictions. The first is the significance of next year’s iPhone. The year 2017 marks the 10th Anniversary of Apple’s iPhone being in production. The occasion has experts sure that the tech giant has a revolutionary gadget in mind for next September.

Shareholders are also concerned about Apple’s dwindling sales. Industry analysts highlight the company’s need to push out products that will ease its dependence on iPhone sales. Rather than releasing all-new gadget lines, Apple is expected to make its existing gadget ranges much more alluring. Analysts have reason to believe the alleged iPhone X, as well as the next set of MacBooks and iPads, will get great upgrades to their displays.

This September, Apple fans were hoping for a new range of iPads to drop. Reports now suggest Apple’s next iPad, or range of iPads, will be unveiled in March 2017. A recognizable face-lift is expected beyond the upgrades to their screens. Apple currently produces three screen variants for its iPad. The tablets come in 9.7- and 7.9-inch display sizes. The large iPad Pro houses a whole 12.9-inches.

The most discussed change to the iPad is Apple’s potential introduction of an edge-to-edge display. The company is suspected to be getting rid of the bezeled design on all its handsets next year. Apple could unveil a new 10.9 inch iPad in March as well. Online talks suggest the new screen size is currently in the works. It would serve well in closing the gap between the huge iPad Pro and its smaller siblings.

The potential switch to the edge-to-edge displays on the iPad is widely debated. While experts at Barclays say the new design will be seen in the coming months, the like of KGI Securities — a trusted conveyor of Apple developments — say iPad fans will probably see these slick, new iPads in 2018. Although, most analysts claim that OLED screens will feature on most of the company’s devices from next year. The display tech may be seen on the iPhone, the iPad, as well as the MacBook. Even the next Apple Watch is expected to get an OLED upgrade.

The tech firm’s adoption of OLED technology is pushing the excitement for Apple’s next iPhone. Apple has long been bashed for not making the most of its screen tech. The company’s defenders tend to point out that OLED comes with its own set of drawbacks like heavy costs, which would translate to higher costs for the buyer. But Tim Cook and his company have been working on their own screen innovations for some time now. Thought to be ready to go, the firm could be making the switch to OLED as soon as March 2017.

OLED offer several benefits over normal LED and LCD. Plastic OLED is much more flexible and resilient. This makes their screens less likely to crack when dropped or scratch over time. They also allow better color contrasts due to how they relay pixels. Simply, dark colors gain a lot of depth while bright colors become noticeably more vivid.

It is speculated that the iPhone 8 will ship in bigger screen sizes too. This is according Blayne Curtis and Chris Hemmelgarn, two analysts at Barclays. Compared to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus’s respective 4.7- and 5.5-inch display sizes, the experts stated this week that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will have 5- and 5.8- inch screen sizes.

Adding to the aesthetic, Apple Inc. is reportedly taking a page from Samsung’s flagship smartphones. The iPhone 8, like the next set of iPads, could come with an edge-to-edge display. This adds weight to the speculations over OLED. Edge-to-edge touchscreen designs demand displays that aren’t opposed to bending. OLED would be Apple Inc.’s most ideal choice in this regard as it allow for curved edge without the bezels.

The alleged design changes are derived from expert speculation and rumor. Apple has made no official confirmation. Whatever the firm has in store for next year, the public can be sure it won’t know much until the devices are officially unveiled.

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