SACC against Lady Gaga coming to South Africa

By Staff Writer    07-Nov-2012 17:48 UTC+02:00 10

Lady Gaga

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) has called for the banning of Lady Gaga from South Africa, claiming that she is a Devil worshiper. Lady Gaga is scheduled to perform in South Africa at the end of November.

Speaking in an interview on uKhozi FM, Vuyani Pule, the president of the SACC said: “As the SACC, we are calling on all Christians to unite against the coming of Lady Gaga to this country because we find some of the content of her lyrics highly, highly unpalatable. Her lyrics also undermine the South African Christianity.”

“In South Africa, we have a constitution which recognizes freedom of religion and does not recognize cult practices. We believe Lady Gaga is coming to bring Satanism in South Africa,” he said

Pule encouraged Christians to unite and speak against Satanism, saying “Satanism is fueling a lot of social ills especially amongst young people. She (Lady Gaga) may have a huge following but the effect of her music, the effect of the content of her lyrics, has a very very bad impact in our society, and this is what we are really, really concerned about. Even if the concert takes place, it may have dire consequences six months down the line if we allow our government leaders and the authorities responsible to allow her into the country,” he said.

Pule also mentioned that Lady Gaga has been seen on stage wearing flesh, “which is highly unpalatable”. “She calls herself the bride of Satan. Satanism has a very bad effect in society and there are many deaths that are associated with Satanic practices,” he concluded.

Apparently the officials/authorities that have been contacted indicated that they were not aware of the content of Lady Gaga’s lyrics. However, it is still unknown if they will cancel her concerts now that they are aware of the content of her lyrics.



  1. Kiln says:

    What is 500 hypocritical christians gonna do against 160,000 little monsters!! Lady Gaga stands for peace and love and has accomplished more and made n greater change in the world than any other single person!

  2. bongs100 says:


  3. mindlos says:

    She must be banned

  4. Barbie says:

    She will come and go. Only those who have weak faith will adopt her ways. There are so many rappers whose lyrics are ‘unpalatable’. Y r they allowed to host concerts here?

  5. Ritta says:

    It’s just her marketing strategy. She wants to be controversial. I doubt she really w

  6. Ritta says:

    really worships the devil

  7. Lungi says:

    Let them ban her

  8. tevin says:

    Mxm… Seriously now… Gaga use controversial situations and ideas to market herself and career.. N who analysed the lyrics? If u actually know a thin or two u wid realise dat Gaga use Christian beliefz in a conflictin way to arouse controversies. Which den makes her music sell n makes her interestin. N I nvr heard her sayin shez satans bride. I love Gaga n I’m christian, she should be allowed in s.a. She teaches pple to express who they are n not be afraid of who u are n not let anyone bring u down… These pple should worry abt all of the corruption in S.A. N how pathetic thiz country iz becomin. So if they decide to stop her, all of her fanz will fight back, n are these pple gona pay back the money spent on the ticketz… Some pple are juz to dumb and ignorant. If u don’t wana listen to her music, don’t!!! Don’t deprive uz fanz of somethin we want juz coz url don’t!!

  9. Christian says:

    If she is Satanist, let her come. We shall pray for her. She will go back home a new person, born-again.

  10. Ruben says:

    Whether she is satanist or not doesn’t matter. She’ll be here to sing not to preach satanism. If you believe in Jesus, know that He won’t allow her to mislead His people.

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