All Set for EFF Launch in Marikana

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A sea of red is expected in Marikana as the Economic Freedom Fighters proceed with plans for the national launch of the organisation this Sunday. – image – Ntokozo Sindane

A sea of red is expected in Marikana as the Economic Freedom Fighters proceed with plans for the national launch of the organisation this Sunday. – image – Ntokozo Sindane

Despite numerous attempts to disrupt the growth of the organisation led by Commander in Chief Julius Malema, the Economic Freedom Fighters continue to make final arrangements for the national launch on Sunday.

On Thursday, the National Coordinator of the EFF, Mpho Ramakatsa led his delegation to the royal palace of the Bapo Ba Mogale Chief Bob Edward Mogale. The meeting was held behind closed doors and the agenda included security issues raised by the mayor of Madibeng, Poppy Magongwa. Magongwa later said: “I don’t have powers to cancel any meeting or gathering. I was just raising concerns.” She explained to the media that her concerns are for the people of Marikana who are still coming to terms with the Marikana Massacre during which 34 people were shot and killed by the police.

Magongwa holds the opinion that the Economic Freedom Fighters should have explored other options when searching for a venue at which to hold their launch. The launch will be held at the place where the miners were shot; the Koppie. She is also worried that the EFF launch might interfere with the on-going inquiry into the Marikana Massacre. Another issue that weighed heavily on the mayor is the safety of those who will be attending the event. Magongwa referred to the rally at UNISA where Malema was speaking and there was an altercation.

It appears that if Chief Mogale shared these concerns at any time, his meeting with Ramakatsa and his delegation helped put him and the rest of the royal council members at ease. The EFF members presented their certificate to function as a political organisation to the chief as well as provided details about the security measures that the organisation has put in place to make sure that everyone at the Koppie will be safe this Sunday.

Julius Malema sent an open invitation to members of the public to attend the launch. The festivities will start as early as Saturday morning. The spokesperson for the Economic Freedom Fighters, Mbuyiseni Ndlozi issued a statement inviting members of the press to witness the ceremony where eight cows will be slaughtered to mark the day.

There have been rumours that buses of ANC members are expected in the area this weekend. The police maintain that there will be no incidents beyond their control during the EFF launch. There will be a heavy police presence in Marikana throughout the weekend. The fighters for economic freedom are unmoved by the rumours of sabotage and it seems they are sticking to their slogan of ‘Asijiki’ which means ‘no turning back’.


  1. Leshardt says:

    “Eight cows will be slaughtered”! WOW!! The ANC should deliver a free truck load of booze as well, then we should see Juju ‘MOONING” the public again as he did on his election as youth league leader!! Free beef, booze and just ad red ‘T’ shirts for all and you WILL have a good turn out!!!

  2. Sam van den Berg says:

    Go for it Julius! I don’t like your policies, but the ANC and its smegmatic leader have become such a huge threat to democracy — and such an international embarrassment — that anyone who is their enemy is my friend.

  3. Meleko juju man says:

    To me EFF is what i have been waiting for-with our leader J.Malema forward we asijiki.let JZ and his puppet see us growing each and every second VIVA EFF VIVA,VIVA MALEMA VIVA-PHANZI JZ PHANZI,PHANZI SARS PHANZI AS WELL AS MANTASHE.

  4. EDEUKASHUN IN OUR LIFETIME should be the slogan dickhead

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