South African political thriller, End Game, a thought-provoking series.

By Vicky Lekone    28-Nov-2013 13:08 UTC+02:00

From the two powerful creatives, Thandi Brewer and Bridget Pickering comes a South African political thriller that is getting tongues wagging as episode 5 of the 13 – part drama series, End Game hits the screen this Thursday at 20h30 on SABC1.

From co – producing the internationally acclaimed, Hotel Rwanda to voice – coaching the Broadway Sarafina cast, Bridget and Thandi have individually created a wide range of diverse TV work that has won both local and international awards so, it didn’t come as a surprise when these two power brains came together to create a sizzling political thriller led by a female character.

Driven by the power to tell stories, Bridget Pickering, the series executive producer believes that “telling stories is the way people find meaning in their lives. It reaffirms the daily experiences of people and who they are.”

The series has been well received so far and could end up being the best political thriller to ever hit SABC1 as a channel. End Game is in its own right a thought-provoking, full of suspense, wittily written and first – rate drama. It could easily be described as the marriage of House of Cards and The Fixer (Scandal in the U.S.A). Honing in on the scandals that surround politics and the daily things that happen in a political families’ lives, End Game is very close to home and uniquely South African.

“Politics, power and sex have been the cornerstone of human society since the cavemen, and I wanted to explore that. I am also fascinated by the realities behind myths,” said Thandi Brewer, the creator of the series.

“I particularly like spyfy (political thrillers) as a genre. It’s one of the most popular forms of television today because it is insightful, literate, politically important and it gives you space to explore major issues,” continued Brewer.

End Game, with an all-star cast that includes Bubu Mazibuko, Hlomla Dandala, Dineo Nchabeleng, Yonda Thomas and Siya Xaba, successfully deals with issues such as running political campaigns, lies, betrayal, corruption, bullying and murder. The series also effectively portrays how social media platforms can highly influence the pressure of politicians and policies within today’s digital age.

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