South African Start-Ups to Watch Out For!

By Alex Saunders    21-Mar-2015 12:04 UTC+02:00

sa-heartThere are few African countries today that come close to the technological development that is currently being seen and experienced in South Africa. The country has long been a bastion of development in the south of the continent, but now is positioning itself as the continental leader in advanced technologies. South African tech start-ups are booming, companies providing all manner of apps, services and products that will allow South Africa to become a key player in the global technology market. Here are some to watch out for in the coming months and years!


Launched recently to a fanfare, Trender is an photo location-based app that allows users to take photos, see where there friends are, where they’re going, and which hangouts and party spots are proving popular among the wider Trender community. The app looks set to really shake up and improve competition between South Africa’s numerous party spots, perhaps being the party-orientated version of websites such as tripadvisor.


32 year-old Daniel Marcus is the South African entrepreneur behind Cape Town start-up Magnetic, an online platform that allows companies to manage their company processes from any location. The application and programme is occupying a gap in the market that has hitherto been unfilled, and it’s low price point- R228 per month- means that it’s not just corporations and large companies that will be able to enjoy the business benefits the product affords.


Across the world today, online casinos are experiencing a boom time of gigantic proportions, and Springbokcasino is South Africa’s answer to the online gaming craze. Offering games of all types; poker, blackjack, slots, roulette, etc- the website also allows gamers to play against real people across the world thanks to the utilisation of live dealers. The business is likely to be safe in its operations, too; whilst land-based casinos have issues with card counting, this online business is shielded from such issues- you can’t card count when a computer is dealing, after all!

Inbound Sound

Likely to prove massively popular among music fans, Inbound Sound aims to allow South Africans the chance to crowdsource gigs and events that they want to see. International artists rarely grace South African shores, but hopefully, with Inbound Sound, fans will be able to club together, proving to promoters and acts that there is a sizable appetite for certain bands to play. If enough people make their voices heard, Inbound Sound works with promoters and bands, bringing the public the gigs they want!

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