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By Liso Donaldson    07-Dec-2012 17:03 UTC+02:00 3

The infamy, coupled with the fame, that surrounds that name means the 23-year-old R&B artist needs little to no introduction and over the past two weeks, the Twitterverse has proved it again.

In case you missed it, Chris Brown went on a Twitter spree versus Jenny Johnson, a comedy writer who has been known to take stabs at the singer on Twitter following his domestic dispute with his infamous ex – girlfriend (sorta) Rihanna in 2009.

The exchange began when she responded to one of Chris’ tweets with “I know! Being a worthless piece of [Expletive] can really age a person”. Chris then went on a rampage with fuelled responses that included threats to relieve his bodily waste in her eyes before prompting Jenny, and the general public to “Ask Rihanna if she’s mad?” The tweet bantering continued until both parties called it quits and explained their sides to their respective followers.

As for RiRi, she was silent in all of this, but later that night took a screen shot of Jenny’s interactions with Chris and instagrammed the collage of tweets with a caption that said “who has the time” prior to deleting the post.

Chris’ PR people presumably got involved because the tweets, and Chris’ entire Twitter account, were snatched up off the web faster than some of us could screen munch.

A day after the exchange The Carpe Diem singer took to his Instagram to say that the only person who could relate to him was dead. That person was rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur. Later that same night the singer posted a picture of himself that eerily resembled the slain legend.

However, if perhaps he was more like Pac and told the truth about what happened that night and stopped running from the facts, he could let people hate him for the truth instead of what they think happened. He should at least be judged on his truth.

When he was interviewed by Larry King, Chris’ replies were very different from Tupac’s candid details of truth. When Larry King asked Breezy what exactly happened that night, he said:

“Well, Larry, I’d just say, I guess that night it was just one of the nights I wish I could just take back and — and I really regret and I feel totally ashamed of what I did.”

Since the incident, three Grammy award ceremonies have come and gone, Rihanna became a good girl gone all the way bad, there was Karrueche and a number of hit songs later, but the public still isn’t over the battering that landed Breezy in cuffs… and rightfully so.

Yes time has passed and Rihanna has forgiven him, but there is something wrong about a man who committed domestic abuse begging the world for forgiveness for his “mistake” while proving time and time again that being a misogynist is his crutch.

Chris Brown insisted this woman give him oral sex while he eased his body. He called this woman out of her name and relied on language that proved one more time that his respect for women isn’t where it should be.

I’m all for Team Breezy but If he wants to play the bad boy role, he needs to put on his big boy boxers and accept the scrutiny that comes with it. Fame isn’t free. It comes with money, nice cars, women in the abundance and an army of “Yes” people, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to comply.

It seems that the Look at me now singer can accept the rewards that come with the fame, while believing that he should be spared from the scrutiny that comes with it. Unfortunately for him, however, we’re looking at you now Chris.

In the wake of the 16 days of activism campaign, will you be attending Chris Brown’s Capre Diem concerts in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban this December?


  1. Fox says:

    I’ll be attending his Durban concert. I’m sure Rihanna did something really wrong. No man in his rightful mind can beat an angel who didn’t provoke him. Women generally have big mouths and are so stubborn and not willing to lose a verbal fight. That’s why men, if they believe they are right, decide to resort to a physical fight, which they are more likely to win. I’m not saying it’s okay to beat women, but they really need to learn to respect men. All that men want is respect. Even if they are wrong, they need to be corrected respectfully.

  2. Ted says:

    I hate that Johnson b!tch. I don’t know what she thinks she is.

  3. Sadfan says:

    Chris brown robbed us. His tickets r so expensive but his show in Durban ended 2 early

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