National School of Arts Teacher Allegedly Calls Blacks ‘Demons’

By Robert    03-Jun-2014 19:15 UTC+02:00 8

Photocred: Brandon Hall

Allegations that a teacher told pupils that black people are “demons” at the National School of Arts in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, are being investigated by the Gauteng Education Department.

The National School of Arts, a top 25 private school in the country, issued a statement declaring their concern with regards to the incident. “We are taking this allegation extremely seriously and have commenced an internal investigation. Should the allegation prove true, appropriate steps will be taken. We will not tolerate even a hint of racism in our school,” said the chair of the school’s governing body, Brenda Sakellarides, in a press release, titled, “The National School of Arts responds to allegations of teacher racism.” The statement was released earlier today.

The incident occurred last Thursday when a grade eight History teacher at the school allegedly told her class that the government in South Africa was failing because it is run by black people.

According to a report by The Star, a thirteen year-old girl, attending the class at the time of the incident, sent an SMS to her mother saying that the teacher was out of hand. She also gave accounts of the comments allegedly made by the teacher, whereby she apparently stated that black people were stupid for voting for the African National Congress (ANC) and that residents of the Western Cape were, “more than happy,” with the Democratic Alliance (DA) thanks to, “white people,” according to an article in the newspaper.

The mother issued a complaint shortly after. More concerned parents are expected to issue complaints in the near future.

Spokesperson for the Gauteng Department of Education, Phumla Sekhonyane, told SAPA today that, “We have initiated an independent investigation”. No further indications were provided by the spokesperson.

According to the press release from the National School of Arts, the teacher in question holds a Masters Degree in Apartheid History. The school explained that the comments in question may very well have been misconstrued representations of the discussion, which was on the origins of racism, by the learner. The school also states that the mother in question released her statements directly to the media with no prior discussions or engagements with the school.

Alumni of the National School of Arts, five of which were recipients of Mail & Guardian Top Young South African Achiever’s Awards, rallied today in support of the school.

The school vows to get to the bottom of the allegations.


  1. Blackman says:

    She thinks we are demons, so what? If someone had said white people were demons no one would care, because they know they are not. As black people we need to stop taking other people’s opinions of us too seriously.

  2. Hobo says:

    Usijwayela kabi. She is the demon.

  3. Curly says:

    Truth hurts

  4. Dark Blackman says:

    Blackman, a school is an institution where we learn. For a teacher to call black people demons, it gives the child the believe that indeed black people are demons. A school teaches a child that look, do math and science you’ll be someone we look up to one day. The child will do that. But if a teacher says look at Cape Town, that’s white people work, look at the country entirely, that’s your zuma blacj demon. The child grows seeing a blackman as a manice to society, doesn’t see hope that blackman can do good. The child sees nighbours as demons, uncles and parents as demons eventually herself then give up on life

  5. truthbetold says:

    Nothing in the history of South Africa can be more domonic than minority race that feels it is their right to oppress beacuse of the colour of their skin. To create an education system designed to imprison the mind and block further emancipation(bantu education) in fear of the potential of the African child, in an endevour to produce a people of slavish obedience, but it failed dismally. The bitterness is extreme beacuse of how the tables have turned, and it is coming out everywhere we look. The covet deep seated natural malignity they feel towards the African cannot be hidden anymore. There is a special place in Perdition for these impernitent racists, such has no place in the new SA.

  6. m says:

    Good Morning, The NSA is A public SCHOOL The History Teacher – Fantastic I am BLACK!!!GET ON WITH REAL FLIPPEN ISSUESTAKE THE BLACKNESS OUT OF BLACK AND WHAT DO WE GETSOUTH AFRICANSHere we have a fantastic school, very few left and someone cannot get over the fact that we all divided into Happy Races. is a polygraph being done. How quick we are to damn,,, praise says the Lord

  7. Mtezihlupha. F. Zungu says:

    Its a pity that SA Will soon show of the situation dip down other white bru and sisters of how they fill being under black Gov.It taking place now and again but it sims as if there is nothing wrong everything is hunky dory in SA.I fill bad about this situwation.if it can b turn around bring back the amnesty. I think wrong candidates went there especialy blacks.

  8. Lucky says:

    It take a very big demon 2 c a small demon.

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