The ANC Underestimates the Power of Voters

By Guest Author    13-Jun-2013 12:42 UTC+02:00 4

I have voted for the ANC three times. For some reason, I had faith in them. I believed that they could make South Africa a better place. Every time people criticized ANC leaders for lack of leadership skills I defended them. It really saddens me to realize that I was wrong. If I knew any political party that has no hypocrites, I would vote for it. Unfortunately, in the world of politics, it is hard to trust anyone.

If I vote for the ANC next year, it will be out of fear that a new party might make things worse than they already are, not because I think the ANC is doing a good job. I think it’s about time we taught ANC a lesson they will never forget and vote for opposition parties. That will serve as a wake up call. The important thing is not who is leading us, it’s service delivery. If we don’t give other parties a chance, we will never know what they have to offer. Loyalty to a party that fails to deliver is pointless.

During the campaign season, our leaders promise us heaven and earth, but when we have put them in power, they completely forget about us and the problems facing this country and focus on enriching their lives and those of their families and friends. We hear of one scandal after another e.g. Infogate, Nkandlagate, Guptagate, etc. The leadership takes unsound decisions and never bothers to tell us (voters) why those decisions were taken.

Earlier this year fifteen South African soldiers died in Central African Republic (CAR) after running out of ammunition, fighting another country’s battles. Recent reports reveal that the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) spent R163 million on the deployment of troops to CAR. Everyone wondered what they were doing there and if it was really necessary. Until today, we haven’t been given a good answer.

Keeping the public out of the loop when taking drastic decisions is a big mistake made by our leaders. They underestimate the power of voters. We are the ones who put them in power. They should make effort to find out if the majority of us are okay with some of the decisions they take in parliament, and focus on solving South African problems before interfering on the affairs of neighbouring countries. If the ANC cannot do that, it’s fine, but they should remember that we have the power to put another party in power in 2014.


  1. Malume says:

    Vote DA!

  2. CubanGorilla says:

    Vote for any other party but the ANC; this will allow for a coalition government that will allow all South Africans to feel included in the political process in our country. The ANC currently makes decisions that benefits its leaders.

  3. Musa Calebson says:

    “if the ANC does to you what the apartheid government did to you, you must do to the ANC what you did to the apartheid government”- Nelson Mandela

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