The Best City in South Africa: Durban vs Johannesburg vs Cape Town

By Guest Author    19-Jun-2013 11:48 UTC+02:00 111
Durban Beachfront

Durban Beachfront

I have always struggled to answer the question “What is the best city in South Africa?” This question does not have a universal answer. What you think is the best city depends on who you are and what you are looking for in the city. How you view a place can be influenced by a number of factors, such as your background and current life circumstances. People of different nationalities, professions and age groups have different preferences.

The top three largest cities in South Africa are Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. I cannot talk much about Johannesburg because I have never lived there. I have only visited it three times. However, most of my friends who live there think Durban and Cape Town are better holiday destinations compared to Joburg.

Johannesburg City Center

Johannesburg City Center

There is no ocean in Joburg and it is not among the most beautiful cities in South Africa. However, it does have many tourist attractions and is a very vibrant city. The place is always teeming with people and is the largest city in South Africa. Most South African celebrities live there. Joburg is an ideal place for business. It’s where things are happening. Although there are many unemployed people in Joburg, the city has more job opportunities than all other South African cities.

For the past ten years, I have lived in Durban and Cape Town. I have spent five years in each city. It was always my dream to settle down in Cape Town. As a nature lover, I was fascinated by Table Mountain and the city’s natural beauty. So five years ago I packed my bags and left Durban for the Mother City. During my first year in Cape Town I had no car so I didn’t travel a lot. I lived in Crawford, a few kilometers from Hanover Park. I went to places like Canal Walk, Camps Bay and the V & A Waterfront a few times. I greatly enjoyed that and looked forward to exploring the rest of the city. During my second year, I bought a car, which enabled me to visit all the other tourist attractions Cape Town has to offer. Surprisingly, I wasn’t impressed.

Cape Town

Cape Town

The beauty of some areas in Cape Town can be exhilarating. It has several breath-taking views. The city center is also very clean. The place has many tourist attractions that can keep a visitor happy for a few days, weeks, or months. However, living in Cape Town for a couple of years is a different story. In general, it is the most quiet city I have been to and I found that extremely boring. Perhaps my being bored was exacerbated by the fact that I don’t drink. Some friends of mine who drink enjoy spending late nights at the clubs and bars in Long Street, the busiest street in Cape Town, and they think the mother city is the most awesome place to be in South Africa.

According to my experience, Capetonian life is a bit too slow and the people of Cape Town are not that friendly. If one is from Durban or Joburg, one cannot stay for too long in Cape Town without feeling bored and depressed. The beauty of the Atlantic Seaboard area seems to be the only main thing that Cape Town has to offer. When you explore other parts of the City, you realize that it isn’t really the most awesome place to live in here in South Africa. There are many informal settlements in the fringes of the city. In my view, Cape Town is a bit overrated. I have also noticed that its CBD is really small. One can easily count the number of high-rise buildings (skyscrapers) and walk around the whole city in just a few hours.

Cape Town is ideal for the elderly and the rich who want to live a quiet and luxurious life. It is a good place to retire if you have money. Couples on honeymoon can also have a great time in the Mother City. It is the perfect city for romance. Going to the movies and doing night shopping at the Waterfront or Canal Walk can be very enjoyable if you have the right company. However, to someone who wants to live a vibrant urban life I wouldn’t recommend Cape Town. I would recommend Durban and Johannesburg. I find these two cities much more lively and friendlier than Cape Town.

Nonetheless, people who love nature might prefer Cape Town over Durban or Johannesburg. Although there are many leafy suburbs in Durban and Johannesburg, I think Cape Town is greener than the two cities. However, Durban has the best beachfront in South Africa, with several piers extending into the ocean. There are many games that children and adults can play on the beach. Then there is the Golden Mile, a stretch of beachfront that runs from South Beach to North Beach. Taking a walk along the Golden Mile near sunset is a very awesome experience. Most of Cape Town’s beaches are natural. There aren’t any games one can play at the beach. So, if you want to entertain your kids at the beach, go to Durban. Among many amenities the city has to offer, it also has Gateway, one of the largest malls in South Africa. To know what your best South African city is, you should come and spend some time in each city. Personally, in my biased opinion, I think Durban is the number one City in South Africa.


  1. kloppie says:

    gateway is not one of the biggest malls in africa it is the biggest mall in the southern hemispere jhb has sandton city ct unknown

    • Nick says:

      If Gateway is the biggest Mall in the Southern Hermisphere, then it must be one of the biggest in Africa. Cape Town has Canal Walk. It seems bigger than Gateway. The only thing that makes Gateway to be deemed bigger is that it has a large parking area. However, Canal Walk has more shops than Gateway.

      • rob says:

        Actually Gateway is the biggest shopping mall in the southern hemisphere and one of the global pioneers in shoppertainment malls including a water park and wave house, full Tony Hawk designed skate park, climbing rock, go karts, virgin active, theatre, cinema nouveaux, games arcade, kids fun-fare and action soccer.

  2. Charles says:

    Cape Town quiet?Have you ever been to Long Street or De Waterkant on a Friiday or Saturday night?

    • Durbanite says:

      Those are the only places that have people. Long Street and Waterkant on weekends are the daily life of Durbanites and Joburgers.

      • Guest says:

        I have lived in both Dur and Cpt and have to say that I love Cape Town but only as a tourist…Durban is a way better place to live

        • Carole says:

          Been to all 3 as a tourist. Durban and Jo’burg are not attractive cities and the sea front at Durban is just like any other working port. No way can it compare to San Francisco. Cape Town is in a nice setting on the ocean but that big flat boulder ridiculously called Table “mountain” is unattractive and the backdrop is just a boring rocky outcrop mostly covered in fog. I went up the cable car and overlooked a town and saw the ocean. I was totally underwhelmed and Cape Town airport is a joke. Hobart, Tasmania, Vancouver and Santorini Greece are much more dramatic and when you compare Alcatraz to Robbin Islane, well enough said. Gibraltar has an interesting vantage from the top of the rock.
          I’m not surprised the author was bored living in Cape Town. The weather is crap in winter, very windy.
          Don’t mention Rio to South Africans or you will upset them!
          I think that when you have alot of boring arid scrub terrain like South Africa has you tend to over egg the pudding. Certainly not a beautiful country and its cities are nothing to write home about. In fact I thought Pretoria was nicer than the 3 cities under discussion.
          By the way I am British but feel the USA has so much more beautiful and varied scenery overall.

          • Mr Dude says:

            I doubt that you had enough time to see all that Durban has to offer. In Durban, I think you only went to the harbour. Durban is called Africa’s Miami for a reason. It’s certainly not “just like any other working port.”

          • Carole says:

            Mr Dude
            Who on earth says Miami is beautiful? Point made I think.

          • Walter says:

            I can’t see why you say what you say about South Africa coming from the British Isles. I just got back from that drab place. I live in, am from, and have 47 states of the USA. By far the western part of the US is the most beautiful, all countries have enclaves, but Cape Town is ranked and is one of the world’s most beautiful places. San Francisco is unremarkable; the Golden Gate Bridge is orange, Fisherman’s Warf has lousy food, and the housing is R-E-D-I-C-O-U-L-O-U-S so far as prices (maybe not for a Brit.) By the way Alcatraz is creepy nothing to write home about.

          • Carole says:

            Walter, Don’t appreciate you calling the British Isles a “drab place”. Only idiots visit the UK in Winter. We have lots of history and some beautiful national parks like Exmoor and Lake District. Not as big as the USA but size isn’t everything. Have you been to Cape Town?
            As you say everywhere has its nice enclaves and indeed USA has some parts which are quite frankly ugly but I enjoyed the parts I visited including San Francisco. Maybe if I compare Cape Town to Rio De Janeiro you will see why I think the former is overrated.

          • Wiesdom says:

            Carole, the UK is perhaps the most boring country in Europe. I mean it’s has nothing to offer! Funny you mention national parks, why dont you talk about the city since this is what you rant was about? If we are to talk about national parks Uk looks like a kidergaten garden compared to SA nation parks.

            Stick to the topic and talk about the city scenery in the UK. The point is there are none! Just the usual imported high street shops starbucks, Mcdonalds, primark e.t.c – and on the weekend lots of drunken yobs spilling out of bars. Even London which is over priced and dirty still has a shut down by midnight in most places. This is a complete joke! A Brit complaining about SA being boring? This must be the funniest thing I have read.

          • Graham says:

            Your opinion doesn’t matter, because nobody was asking and you are jealous because SA has much more heritage than other countries and many people from overseas love this country that’s why Cape Town was in top 15 most beautiful cities in world and not any part of USA!

          • Carole says:

            So your opinion matters more does it little person? Jealous? LOL Jealous of what? You put your foot in your big mouth because UK has far more heritage than South Africa. Didn’t we used to rule you lot as one of our more insignificant colonies? Read your history books before you show your ignorance.
            By the way there are many review sites where Cape Town is not in the top 10 and Rio De Janeiro is. You have nothing like the Grand Canyon in S Africa. You have Sun City as your gambling show piece . Have you heard of Vegas? Your rudeness shows you feel threatened because Cape Town is overrated and has many more beautiful rivals.

          • Proud Capetonian says:

            I must say I found your comment extremely offensive… Of course a foreigner, a tourist who’s never actually lived in Cape Town, Joburg or Durban, would be so crude towards our beautiful country…

            I’m a proud Capetonian who has been all over the world: Australia, America, UK, France, Thailand, Germany & Italy… Initially, I traveled because I was unhappy where I was, and longed to see the “best” the world has to offer, now, after seeing a good portion of it, I can happily say that the ONLY places (that I’ve been to at least) I’d ever want to live in would be South Africa or Australia…

            While I live in Cape Town, my mother’s side all live in Joburg and we visit them frequently (around 6 times a year), so I know the two cities all too well. Cape Town is personally my favorite purely out of personal taste, everyone looks for something different and Joburg certainly has its pros.

            I’m not going to slander your “beautiful” country as, by the looks of your comment, you are either an immature child or a very unprofessional adult. I hope most other awesome South Africans agree with me here in saying that people like you can stay in your country; if other South Africans had read your post, I’m almost certain you would no longer be welcome here.

            Please note: My godparents and their son live in the UK, and I’ve been there (either to visit them or for other reasons) approximately 5 times; and might I just say that, in my opinion, it doesn’t even come close to South Africa. Good day madam.

  3. Riyadh Khan says:

    I Live In Overport A residential Place In Durban Not Far From town And Beach Let’s say Its A 3/4 KMFrom The beach durban Needs To Build More places And Refurbish The Old Flats Atleast 400 BILLION Could Be Used To Improve The My City Were It is The Warmest Place to be From riyadh Khan 13 Years – Old

  4. Ray says:

    Cape Town is greener than Durban? Are you kidding? Durban is practically built within a jungle.

    • Author says:

      Yes there are many trees in some areas of Durban but in general, Cape Town is more natural than Durban. In Cape Town you can view the city from a forest in Table Mountain national park. I think Durban is more urbanized.

  5. mandela robert says:

    my dream is to go to SA
    now i cant tell which is the best

    • Graham says:

      The best is Cape Town. I come from America and traveled all over SA. My favorite was definitely Cape Town. I am sure you will love it.

  6. mandela robert says:

    my dream is to go to SAnow i cant tell which is the best

  7. Mpendulo Answer says:

    I mit say ol this cities ar realy interesting bt i hav nevr been in cape town bt i thck is intrstng too

    • tom says:

      Can you speak or write English properly?

      • Ndabenhle Ngubane says:

        Untill you can construct any proper sentence in Zulu, Xhosa or any other indigenous language, you have no right whatsoever to dictate how the man speaks or writes his English. It is not our first language and we have no intention of making it one.

  8. Ekaterine says:

    I want live in South Africa and I was looking for some great cities like Durban, Pretoria, Joburg and Cape Town. Cape Town is good for anyone, and I think there isn’t a quiet city at all. And Durban, a boy said to me that there is a dangerous city to live 🙁 Cape Town should have a great population and nature.

  9. nancy nadia h says:

    wel i dnt knw sa yet but i wld lyk 2 be i durban

  10. Melanie says:

    I have lived in Rustenberg, (about an hour from Joburg and Pretoria), Pietermartizberg (also about an hour from Durbs) and I have stayed the longest in Cape Town. All of the major cities have their merits. (Joburg is very cosmopolitan, has all the “money”, very vibey, basically the gateway to the world.) The people are on the go all of the time but are actually quite friendly. Durbs itself has a few nice places. (a few shopping malls, a nice beachfront strip, the highlight def being the UShaka marine land, tropical vegetation.) and then Cape Town (good schools, a myriad of good universities, plenty of activities for every type of weather and a very good governance.) I find Joburg the most efficient city, Durban the most “summery” city and Cape Town the best city all-rounder 🙂

  11. d'Quasi says:

    Carole you’re an idiot. This articl is a comparison of 3 “South african” cities. I have no idea why you’re comparing them to other countries. You’re just an idiot that’s all.

  12. my name!!! says:

    look at this brit sucker talking about my city like he know anything about it!!! cape town is my home boy you’ll get f@ckd around here!

  13. Chili Nzuzo says:

    Durban is the No.1 city in South Africa it has lots of entertainment,people are very welcoming and you can have a great experience with it townships like uMlazi.

  14. Brian Mthembu says:

    Durban is the beutifull city in South Africa

  15. Lwanda Thomas says:

    If you’ve never been to Cape Town make a plan,because its nothing like Durban or Joburg.Its a different world in South Africa,I’ve been a capetonian for years,I know it from A-Z,visit Cape Town…

  16. MAX says:

    I live Bloemfontein would like to relocate, Durban or Capetown I have never been to Capetown lived in Durban
    About 30years back when I was a lttle laaitie loved it there don’t know how things have changed? I have heard many great things about Capetown.

  17. Bheki says:

    Im lived in jhb,ctn and dbn and in my xperiences dbn and jhb are most lively cities but dbn has it all…bt they’re all have crime, ranked high is ctn with those tatooed gangsters ouch

  18. Bheki says:

    I’ve lived in jhb,ctn and dbn and in my xperiences dbn and jhb are most lively cities but dbn has it all…bt they’re all have crime, ranked high is ctn with those tatooed gangsters ouch

  19. Ally says:

    I will be moving soon from TANZANIA to S.Africa with my wife and three childs 11yrd,8yrd and 2yrs.Never go there before,pls help,which is a best and safety city?i preferJ’berg but i hear from peoples that J’berg is not much safety!!!!
    Is it true?

  20. Ntobe kaula says:

    But we have to admit the vibe in durban and joburg it killing.i agree cape town is glamorous but fact jhb and dbn rock.jozi li dubane all the way

  21. Mr Machi says:

    Spingo beach,Toti beach,bluff,finland,Mgababa,margate,South beach,Northbeach,Mhlanga etc. Pava,Suncoast,gateway,galeria,musgrave. Durban is the Best . Hey are you tourist let’s start at Icc Lol. MLAZI ,MASHU, Uzogcwala. Hey comeback Let’s go to watch Sarafina at Playhouse.

  22. yeah says:

    Cape town is the best city in south africa green point stadium is beautiful I like it in cape town there is lots of beaches such as camps bay and seapoint come over to cape town people

  23. Anonymous says:

    Nthng goood

  24. lungani says:

    m in jozi ryt nw and my home city is durbn as far as evrerythn is concern jozi iyabhora esthawa (dbn) is way ahead of durban is the best 4 million reasons. By the 4kov 2 the british.

  25. Mnoneleli Mndende says:

    Am still studying my P.M so I hv nothing to say sicne am still young bt I hope within the next 5 year I will come wth a valid statement

  26. DurbanRox says:

    I’ve lived in all three cities. Cape Town’s good for a very short holiday, JHB is good for career growth and earning potential. Lifestyle in Durban beats both those cities from weather to entertainment (day and night) and friendliness. Better beaches and greener than Cape Town by far.

  27. Ariel Jack says:

    I’m pretty sure that all the people saying that Cape Town is better than Durban are obviously from CAPE TOWN!!!I have been to all 3 cities and in my opinion,Joburg is a little to cold, Cape Town has way to many drunk people on the streets and partying. Durban is actually,to me is the best city in South Africa. Firstly because Durban has the best beach fronts, secondly it has the Moses Mabhida Stadium, thirdly wherever you go there is always green, fourthly Durban has amazing views and last but not least it has the SHARKS!!!

  28. Sahir Ebrahim says:

    I’m a durbanite, lived in durban all my life, I’ve visited CT and Jhb a few times and I have to say durban is the best and when u say durban its not just Durban that great its everything around durban that’s beautiful, just take a drive up the north coast or down the South coast of KZN,so much scenery, culture , well developed, beautiful, small town after town all different from the next, and absolutely safe. I know its not durban city itself but it all kinda centralises around Durbs, For me everything that surrounds durbs make durban the best City by far.

  29. Siyadlams says:

    I think we should ask the writer of this topic her/his determining factors first b4 we really come to conclusions of which city tops them all, to my experience we can say this city is better then the other city due to the mere fact that one hadn’t been cornered by the devastating situation compered to the other , I am a police officer and have lived in all 3 cities, so I know what I am talking about.

  30. Anon says:

    I’m for Joburg all the way!

    First of all, you earn WAY more here than anywhere in SA. All the major businesses in SA have their headquarters here. Money cant buy happiness but it can buy you better education for your children, a bigger home and epic holidays anywhere in sa or abroad. For example a 20 to 30 year year old joburg resident has his own place, a car and extra money to spare, whereas a 20 to 30 year old durban resident lives with his parents. In fact I have met a 45 odd year old durbanite still living with his mom. This is apparently not too uncommon.

    Second of all, Joburgs weather is unbeatable. Full stop. Durban is way too humid, I have spent summers (other seasons too) there where I have taken like 10 cold baths a day just to maintain my sanity. Cape town, wind wind wind and winters like Scottland where you hibernate and wait for it to end. Joburg winters involve absolutely no clouds in the sky every single day. This last winter I never saw a cloud for 5 months. Needless to say, Joburgers can spend winter days outdoors in the sun, braaing etc. I will admit that Durban winters are the best, but we can always holiday there in winter. Lets not forget Joburgs thunderstorms, my goodness they are awesome. None of this European drizzle, its thunder, lightning, flooding, hail.

    Then theres the people. In Joburg we all seem to just get along. No matter what nationality, race, colour or creed, come along and lets enjoy ourselves. In Cape Town or Durban, friends are hard to come by.
    Then of course theres the personality of Joburg. You have the incredibly rich, the incredibly poor, people from every corner of the earth, even alot of capetonians and durbanites who cant find work in their own city. On a short drive you will see scyscrapers, shacks, luxury bars, shabeens, hair salons, people cutting hair under umbrellas on the side of the road, people driving ferraris, people driving scorokoros.

    Dont get me wrong, I love Durban and Cape Town, everwhere makes up this beautiful country of ours. But please guys put to rest your hatred of Joburg. This place is fantastic and the best place to be.

    To all you potential Joburgers, come.and enjoy this awesome city.

  31. sugar says:

    Cape town is good but only for holiday!! Durban an joburg have the all year every day vibe!!

  32. Hannes says:

    From my self I think Johannesburg is the best place to live in.Durban yes is beautifull,Cape town also is beautifull but Jo’burg is not only beautiful it is also atractive but listen here,here in Johannesburg crime is verry high.what makes crime to be high is that peoples from different countries they come to Joburg for work without educational qualifications,so they start to suffer because companies needs peoples with qualifications.the reason why I say Johannesburg is no1 is that peoples are friendly,companies they pay money,weather is verry good,education is verry high,everything you can wish to have in life you can have it in Johannesburg.there is also a place for those who don’t hv money to live on,cinemas,big fotball teams such as Chiefs and Pirates,big stadiums,big companies.if you need to markt your bussines come here,do you want to improve ur self in everything? ok come to Johannesburg,local trains are verry cheap..unlike Durban because there’s only one language that is taking part in a lot of things zulu.but Johannesburg almost hundreds of languages that are spoken…I can’t talk much abwt Cape if you want to visit South Africa for holidays come to JHB or you need to resides come here,you wont regret it coz is a wonderful place to be…all black africans are here all whites are here so why not number1 in South Africa.

  33. James says:

    I am an American. lived in both cities for a year. Durban is the best place to be and live. I did greatly enjoy Cape Town also, Durban edges it out.

  34. Marco says:

    i am a white guy looking for safety and luxery restaurants. What is the best city?

  35. Sanga Furaha says:

    Am never living in SA but am coming soon to visit but my friend of mine sayd durban Is best city in Africa and other European city so can’t wait to go Durban & live permanent for the rest of my life

  36. Azaino esuo says:

    Hello guys I plan coming over next month to Cape Town from Abuja nigeria for vacation, I will be spending 2 weeks in South Africa, I plan spending the first week in Cape Town then joborg the other week…. I need friends that will take me round in both cities especially in Cape Town, feel free to email me

  37. Phumlani Richard Nxele says:

    I’ve visited all 3 cities in SA. Mother city is beautiful, adventurous and luxurious. Durban rocks, wealthy and coolest weather in the country. Joburg is pretty big like los angeles, lots of job opprtunities but its not that attractive. In my opinion Durban is the one to be in every lifestyle, one of the coolest surbubs in South Africa like Balito, uMhlanga ridge, Queensburg etc. Durban can purge your heart away because of beauty and greatest entertainment spots in South Africa. Last but not least Durban is Becoming the largest City in South Africa because it is renovating and its gonna be combined with Stanger with lots of estates homes, malls, headquarters, hotels, natural parks etc.

  38. Mike says:

    I think Cape Town Durban and joburg are all nice depending on what kind of lifestyle you want to live.. Some people in the comment section have had ridiculous arguments though, saying a city is the best city because it has the biggest shopping mall is just sad. And Carol, you’re from the UK, completely depressing cold and ugly in a lot of places, so you can’t really comment on South Africa. And you can’t compare a Greek island to a city, of course an island is likely to have more beauty than a city, it’s an ISLAND. I’ve only been to Durban once, it was in winter and the weather was still amazing and it was really beautiful there. Joburg is nice for work opportunities or if you would rather spend your free time in a shopping mall than on the beach or in the forest or mountain, personally not for me. Cape Town is beautiful in the summer but doesn’t have great weather throughout the rest of the year, it’s very relaxed but I definitely wouldn’t say boring. And when comparing the friendliness of people in different cities in South Africa, either way, when I return to south Africa from overseas trips im always so happy to see the friendly faces at the airport desks because South Africans are really friendly compared to a lot of other countries.

  39. kevin says:

    Queenstown eastern cape iz the best city to be in

  40. R-jay says:

    #FACT – Joburg and Durban rock!

  41. Sifiso says:

    Vibe is in Durban but all things commences in Jozi,Jozi all the way,finish and ka ar!!!

  42. Juan Maree says:

    We all seem to forget about PE… Actually,PE is the 2nd largest in terms of area…only 5th in population….also tje fastest growing city…and the countrys best mall… Baywest… 🙂

  43. Lookie maphumulo says:

    Durban mncwaaaaaa it the bst for m guys

  44. Goolam says:

    Great Question guys, I’ve been lucky enough to have done my fair bit of travelling outiside of SA and damn this country is really underrated, We have it all here in SA. Great food, great culture, nature and most of all beautiful people. For me Jhb just about edges it out cos that’s we’re ul meet the friendliest people and make friends for life. In jozi u don’t feel like an indian or black or White, you just feel South African, You feel Alive in Jozi. You feel South African in your blood. Proudly South African.

  45. Jo'burger says:

    I have lived my entire life in Jozi and love it there, the diversity there is exhilarating. Cape Town is where I am currently based, as I am studying at UCT. well the city boasts a lot of beauty and wildlife, but honestly speaking; the city is cold in that you feel as though you don’t belong if, for example, you aren’t Xhosa, coloured or white and understand Afrikaans. It is not my cup of tea. And the music people listen to here is not the best. I have only been in Durban visiting family during the festive seasons and have concluded that people there live the best lives. in townships such as eMlazi, Chatsworth, KwaMashu and the likes, the people are so friendly and enjoy life to its fullest despite poverty and whatever else haunts them. I don’t know maybe its because I have nly been there during the peak times but the music there rocks! abo- Big Nuz, the house parties, the clubs; Florida Road, Ballito! ai no man bolova Thekweni is the life. and how can I forget the hot Indian and Zulu chicks found in every street corner?!

  46. lindelani says:

    We can all argue’ BT the fact is Durban is beautiful and rocks and I’m from south coast Margate in kzn bt for now I’m in cape town “Cape Tow is also beutiful BT now compare todurban that real guys ,and Cape towwhen it comes to the bench only Camps bay and bench front which is more attractive and there’s no shark net’s all over from Cape point until to bench front ” but Durban got best bench all over and full palm tress like islands

  47. Anonymous says:

    Guys ive come with a solution Durban rocks when you are the it seems like you are in miami dont discuss something that is obvious what u can do is to find and discuss about the second city in south africa between Jozi and Cape town because durban is the best. Durban rocks finally

  48. Mnigo Mniza says:

    I have spent only 24 hours in Cape Town and I think it is over-hyped over-priced and very boring. and the sea is cold!!.

  49. B man says:

    Dbn has it all, e.g. cool beaches, beautiful and friendly people, job opportunities (not like in joburg tho), good city life, quality education and vibe… So IMO dbn out-competes jhb and cpt

  50. nico says:

    Durban is rock

  51. Trust says:

    After reading and listening to all your comments Durban & Joburg has it all in msanzi.I have stayed in joburg for 2years didnt have time to vacate it was all businessy so right now my destiny lead to Durban…mlilo we durban

  52. philani says:

    I’m from Durban and currently living in Capetown.for me I can say Durban is the best city to in.iv visited joburg alco and found it to busy and over crowded and lots of old buildings and not that attractive,Capetown is quiet and alco beautiful and would suit older people to live in but if u want everything,the vibe,great weather,the warmth and friendlyNess of people..cum to will neva go wrong

  53. Mzwandile Hlongwa says:

    I’m a Durbanite but also a proud South African. I’d say this country is so beautiful and blessed no need to compare

  54. Kabaka says:

    To my best opinion SA is landscape is most beautiful compared to the rest of the world and the people are most beautiful and friendly in the world.SA has a great number of Natural beauty and greenery couples with a warmth weather .

  55. Brian says:

    If you ever ask yourself what is the best city in S.A or anyone asks you the same. The answer is Durban

  56. vucy says:

    durban always rockin particularly in summer tym i lv Durbn and to be there

  57. vucy says:

    i’ll always keeping proud to be in durban beautiful city attractive city everthing dhat yu want yu can get it in Durban

  58. AMERICAN says:


  59. d rex says:

    Cape Town is greener than both cities, it’s weather may not be one of the best but it’s luxurious environment and mountains are very entertaining. It’s got a good vibe and the Green point stadium beats Durbans Moses Mabhida so if you’re a tourist coming to SA well Cape Town is the best place to be and it’s beaches are the best
    and I don’t wanna lie Durban is also the best but Cape Town is all the way up. Cape Town rocks!!!

  60. Sizwe says:

    @D Rex I disagree. Moses Mabhida is the most beautiful stadium in South Africa.

  61. Lisa-CPT all the way says:

    Cape Town is very nice.Every December people go to the Parade for THE LIGHTS.
    Canal Walk.Ratanga Juction.Or why dont you visit the Townships:Khayelitsha or Guguletu.Muizenberg beach is very famous for January

  62. Author says:

    @Lisa, while I was still in Cape Town I did visit Khayelitsha and Gugulethu. I also went to Muizenberg and Strandfontein beaches at least twice a month. Cape Town is nice indeed and I love it, but based on my experiences, Durban is more enjoyable in the long term.

  63. FRENCH says:

    I have been to all 3 cities. But I have to say the mother city is the most beautiful citiy, very vibrant,people are friendly. Clifton 4th beach is a beauty.just walking aroung in cape town is beautiful.and the aprtments in the city is AMAZING

  64. Durban Boi says:

    All 3 Cities are awesome, it just tends to get boring when you stay in one place for too long. I am off to experience Cape Town now , as i am relocating there.

  65. Zabaletta says:

    Durban has the best women. Umhlanga Gems…..

  66. Nosipho says:

    C,mon. Are u crazy d rex moses mabhida is the most beautiful stadium.people say capetown just becoz its got the breathtaking mountain,beauty but seriously durbs rox and joburg for great work cn tryna copy the fact durbn rox but will never be the miami of africa

  67. Nomndeni says:

    U are definetly right nosi.durbs is the best we,ve got ushaka marine,beachfront,blue lagoon,zululand,history,umhlanga beach lighthouse,ballito,la lucia,umlazi,kwa mashu etc

  68. errol says:

    I think it all depends on what you are looking for…Jhb and Durban have the most aggressive people in terms of social influence. .xenophobia and I find the General populace in those two cities two faced…dog eats dog…Capt has gangs…serious racial issues and the city needs healing…in terms of fun, the vibe, career growth…Jhb tops…..variety..Durban….ease of access, relaxed lifestyle, comfort…Cpt. …

  69. ? says:

    Dbn knows how to throw a party not capetow they dnt even deserve FACT CAPETOWN ROX its for DURBS. Cpt is for elderly peace quitness nt for partying never

  70. Nesh says:

    Stop promoting capetown coz it does not have that bling just because it has a mountain does nt mean its the best. durban ROCKS

  71. Kariebi says:

    there are all nice places

  72. Melissa says:

    I was born in Johannesburg and relocated to Cape Town.

    Honestly, each town has its own merits.

    Johannesburg is a real city, there is a non stop buzz. However, in Johannesburg itself there is very little to do other than shop and eat out, go out for a drink. That’s okay because when you live in Jozie you make more money than everyone else in the country so I guess you can spend it. I must admit that I adore Johannesburg weather, especially in the summer where it gets hot during the day and rains in the afternoon. Someone here made it seem that Jozie winters are a pleasure. That is a lie, they are the coldest out of the 3 cities and you really feel the winter.

    Cape Town is so beautiful. But you get paid hardly anything and you cannot rent or buy a house that fits your horrid salary (if you are lucky enough to have a job). The weather makes sense. It is hot and dry in the summer, moderately cold in the winter. Technically, it is a Mediterranean climate. The mountain ranges are stunning and the sea is beautiful but the sea is from the Atlantic ocean and therefore it is not as nice to swim in as Durban. It is a very well run city but, as I mention again, it is the most pricey place to stay with less job opportunities and lower salaries than Johannesburg so if that is a consideration you best have a good paying job before you move.

    Durban is very beautiful and if you are not a fan of any sort of cold this is the place for you. With hot summers, and warm and humid winters, it has a subtropical climate and it is very cultural (Cape Town has some good culture as well). The beaches are the best to swim in and the scenery is stunning. I have only been there on holiday and to visit my retired Aunt and Uncle so I cannot tell you about the job market but I guess that it will not be nearly as good as Johannesburg. The property prices are far more reasonable than Cape Town.

    Its all a matter of taste in the end.

  73. Emmanuel says:

    I am currently staying in Cape Town at the famous township known as Khayelitsha. I am renting R1900 and paying R200 for electricity every month. Keep in mind that the more expensive the place the more safer and vice versa, so that’s why I’m staying over there; plus living in the shacks means that I’m at a risk of dying from the cape fires and more prone to burglaries, violence and muggins.

    Atleast transport is fine because I am using the train to go to work but I have to walk for 30 minutes to get to work in a dangerous township known as Philippi. The reason I walk is so that I can be able to save money in order to send some back home and to make ends meet on my side.

    I have a degree in Health known as (BSC in Health Promotion) but I have been struggling to find employment within my qualification, which is why I relocated to this PLACE. Yeah you heard me right, I call it a place because it’s not for me, It’s for the wealthy, tourists and indigenous people from hear like the cape colourdes.

    Everything is expensive over here, I mean EVERYTHING. I’ve been trying my best to apply to everywhere in South Africa but I haven’t been having any luck, the only proper jobs that I got was my internship after graduating which was only for 12 months then I had to hustle to get this job I’m in now but….

    I want to relocate to Johannesburg or Durban or anywhere else in the world where they speak English. KZN is my hometown and it’s far over here, there is too much crime, there is no career growth the rich just keep on getting richer and the poor keep on getting poorer, and it is RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE, DANGEROUS, WINDY AND COLD!!! If there’s anyone who can help me in terms of a job please help, here’s my number 0810017507

  74. CapeTownForever! says:

    I have lived in Cape Town for almost 5 years. Before that in Johannesburg for 5 years and in Durban for 4 years. And my favourite one is Cape Town. It’s much safer, cleaner and more exciting. If you didn’t enjoy it then it’s your problem. But don’t go saying that it’s only for the rich and old. There are MANY AMAZING things to do in Cape Town. You probably just went to the wrong places.

  75. Ntobeh kaula says:

    Durban takes the Trophy

  76. benard chathima says:

    both city’s is nice but i like cape town

  77. Sphe says:

    Been to all 3 cities.. I’m from a small town called mbizana. .Jo’burg takes the cup for me..cape town is totally overrated..without the oceans and the mountain.. It would be like Polokwane.. Durban on the other hand is better of the 2 cities warmer beaches, nicer malls ushaka marine etc..but Jo’burg has it all..more opportunities to make money and travel

  78. Javed says:

    I’m a durbanite visited jhb and CT a few times. All beautiful cities in their own way and I guess it comes down to what u as an individual want. As far as being absolutely breathtakingly beautiful goes Cape Town for sure. If you love nature you won’t be disappointed. CT wins it for me.

  79. Durbanite says:

    As someone living in Durban the city sucks BIG time. I studied & worked in Cape Town for a while. Cape Town wins without competition. Errol said it right. The people in Durban are two faced, not friendly, envious. No sense of humanity. They break each other down. The people in Cape Town are so friendly & social. Did I mention lack of employment opportunities in Durban. And different races in Durban tear each other all the way. The coloured people in Durban can’t stand each other & don’t know how to mix & socialise. I had a girl from JHB complain to me how envious & backstabbing people are in DBN compared to JHB. So there you go.

  80. Rosh says:

    Go Durban

  81. Rosh says:

    Durban has the best kasi in all of S.A (umlazi that is) we got the best summer holiday destination… The comrades Marathon… The durban July and other places of entertainment like Moses mabhida… Durban ICC… Ushaka marine world… Suncoast casino… Eyadini lounge🍻🍹… Kwa Max’s lifestyle…
    We have so much to offer which is why we’re the best in the country

    • Lunga says:

      True. Durban rules in terms of entertainment. In Cape Town you quickly run out of things to do once you are done with sightseeing and shopping, but I still love holidaying in the mother city.

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