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The Best games for 2019 So Far

By Regina Muratov    19-Mar-2019 15:03 UTC+02:00

Can you believe that it has already been three months down the line in 2019? Yes, I know the year is flying fast, but you have to admit if you are an avid video gamer then the year is fantastic. While you can always try your luck out on Betway, you can try out some newer games too. Betway is great when it comes to betting on live matches, but what if you want to play FIFA?

If you are still in the dark then here is a look at the best games that have been released so far.

#1. Resident Evil 2

If you like playing horror games, then I am sure that Resident evil had been part of your video collection. Ever since the video game was introduced in the market in 1996, it has continued to set levels.

One of the best things about Resident Evil 2 is that it takes us back to the real deal about zombies- the slow and groaning kind. You try and shoot them, but they don’t splat parasites like in other Resident Evil games, these will keep on moaning trying to reach you.

This new remake of Resident Evil 2 takes you back to the basics of video games. Although this new remake has included a lot of new elements, it will still give you some nostalgia.

#2. Kingdom Hearts 3

It does not matter if you have never heard of this video game or you have been waiting for a follow up in a long time all you need to do is play it. Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the most fulfilling games this year. It has dramatically improved on the elements that are found in its predecessor.

Although the setting might seem a bit complex, it is fun having to follow up with some of the Disney characters such as Goofy, Donald Duck and so many others. Kingdom Hearts 3 is an easy and fun game which you need to follow. We are just hoping for a follow up sometime soon.

#3. Apex Legends.

If you are a lover of Fortnite, then I am sure that you have heard of Apex Legends. The game has one of the best battle royales in the market. The setting is in Titanfall, and it’s a world full of modern times warfare.

There are a wide array of characters which have been equipped with some unique play like abilities. For instance, the guns have a unique personality like the lever-action Peacekeeper gun which fires bullets that are star-shaped. If you love weapons, then you should play Apex Legends.

#4. Metro-Exodus.

A lot of gamers who have already played this game describe it as the best entry of the Metro series. The missions in these games are more clear a bit complex, but you still have a sense of what you are doing. You are bound to discover a lot of great things especially at the end of the game.

Let us know what you think about these games and which one you are anticipating for in 2019.

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