The Importance of Mental Health Awareness Month

By Murris Johnson    13-Apr-2019 09:11 UTC+02:00 1

May is Mental Health Awareness Month . It’s a time when the populace looks at the mental health problems that face the world, as well as be aware of their own mental health. Some people may not understand why mental health is so important. We’re here to tell you a few reasons why it is.

Many People Are Suffering from Severe Mental Illness

According to NAMI, about 1 in 5 US adults have some form of mental illness. This can range from something mild to something more severe. How many people suffer from severe mental illness? About 1 in 25.

Severe mental illness can ruin someone’s life. Being so depressed that you can’t do anything can be a viscous cycle that is hard to break. Always having panic attacks can make you scared to leave the house.

Many don’t realize just how many mental illness sufferers there are. Part of that reason is due to the fact that it’s often invisible. Some people are good at hiding their mental illness, which leads to our next point…

There is Still a Stigma

We have made some amazing strides in normalizing the concept of mental illness. Thanks to the internet, people are more free to talk about their mental illness in places that make them feel safe. They can make communities and have people talk about their experiences.

But there is still a stigma. Plenty of people also believe that if they can’t see the illness, it must not be true. So many people will say that depression isn’t real and you just need to cheer up. If a child has a mental illness that makes them unruly, they will claim that the parent isn’t doing a good job with discipline.

Not to mention the fear of mental healthcare. Many people do not like the idea of taking medicine or going to a counselor. They think that medicine can ruin the mind and a counselor is there to control you. This is not the case whatsoever, but many still think this.

Getting Access to Mental Healthcare is Difficult

The healthcare system is broken. Many people are too poor to afford the healthcare they need. There are free or affordable options out there; from pro-bono therapists to community services, but they are often crowded and aren’t enough.

And as always, the people who need healthcare the most are the people who can’t afford it. This isn’t to say that richer people have no mental health struggles, but often, the mental problems suffered by the poor lead to a tough cycle of poverty.

Many Don’t Even Know They Have a Mental Illness

Another consequence of the lack of mental healthcare is the fact that some people don’t even realize they have a mental illness. They may think they are different or that they just are having a bad day. Many don’t know the difference between an occasional bout of depression and chronic depression.

Some may end up diagnosing themselves, and get it all wrong. This is yet another reason why mental healthcare is important.

Online Therapy Has Helped

One reason people don’t get the mental healthcare they deserve is the fact that they live too far or are unable to leave their house. Thanks to online therapy, this problem is being changed. Online therapy allows people to get the care they need from the comfort of their own home, or on the go. It helps people who have communication issues talk via text. If you need healthcare, this can be a good solution. Click below for more information:


  1. Harold A Maio says:

    —-There is Still a Stigma

    There are still those who declare it.

    There is little to be gained in joining them.

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