The Support for Malema’s New Political Party Could Surprise Many

By Staff Writer    17-Jun-2013 10:42 UTC+02:00

julius+malemaLast week former ANC Youth League president Julius Malema announced that he was starting a new political party called Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF). His announcement has sparked mixed reaction, but mostly negative.

Many South Africans believe that Malema is not in a position to be starting a new political party due to various reasons e.g. the reasons that led to his expulsion from the ANCYL and the legal and financial challenges he is currently facing. However, Malema seems to be unfazed by all of this. If he does successfully launch EFF, its support could surprise many.

South Africans are very forgiving or tolerant of the mistakes that politicians make. They tend to focus on the future more than the past. It is well-known that Zuma has made several mistakes in the past. However, millions of people continue to support him. In fact, his support peaked while he was attending court cases, facing a number of charges. Now the memories of his mistakes are gradually fading away in the minds of many South Africans. The same thing might happen with Malema.

Malema is currently facing a number of charges. He and some of his fans strongly believe that some of the charges he is facing are part of a political conspiracy to silence him. This, including the negative comments and controversy surrounding his new party, could work in his favour. He might gain more support than expected. Also, there are people who may vote for him not because they really support him but just to give the ANC a wake up call.

Some members of the ANC have criticized Malema for starting a new political party. Fikile Mbalula said Malema is reckless and immature to start a new party. He said what Malema is doing is commiting political suicide. Ronald Lamola said Malema should have waited until he was rehabilitated and readmitted to the ANC. However, Malema believes that it is not only within the ANC where he can participate in the struggle for economic freedom.

Although many people disagree with many things Malema says, he has quite a huge following. Every time he talks, he gets a lot of attention from the media. He didn’t even have to pay anything to advertise his new political party. He only announced it last week, yet millions of South Africans already know about it. Clearly, through his loud mouth, he has managed to make his name a well-known brand, and that can help him to garner thousands or millions of votes if his party will be contesting the elections next year. According to The Eyewitness, Malema will announce in July whether EFF will be contesting.


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  1. eish says:

    go on juju. this countrys law is double standard. those who killed and take away the land it can only be claimed by a willing seller and a willing buyer. but farm for a son of a domestick worker is taken and sold back to the former concores for less than market price and we must call it just and democratic! nonses.

    i will now vote again to get ride of ANC

  2. eish says:

    go on juju. this countrys law is double standard. those who killed and take away the land it can only be claimed by a willing seller and a willing buyer. but farm for a son of a domestick worker is taken and sold back to the former concores for less than market price and we must call it just and democratic! nonses.i will now vote again to get ride of ANC

  3. Mamooe says:

    I will support malema till i die, and many people made mistakes so we must listen to what he want to say.

  4. mkhosani jnr says:

    I will support malema til da end…

    South Africa must wake Up.

  5. I will go with freedom says:

    Julius please lead the youth to the right direction and you don’t have to ask for my vote you already have it.Anc its high time to wake up and all the corrupt politicians must be dealt with them

  6. Bimbo says:

    Juju u got my vote.

  7. soutie2 says:

    The unemployed and poor masses will flock to him. He also has that X factor as a political orator.

  8. Mbutu Mbutu says:

    Malema Brand …….
    Never thought of it that way. This boys caughs, every newspaper reports it.

  9. Mbutu Mbutu says:

    Malema Brand …….Never thought of it that way. This boys caughs, every newspaper reports it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Viva EFF…Viva EFF!

  11. aviwe kamkam says:

    Viva juju…viva juju…lead da youth!

  12. Azwi says:

    It’s quite an interesting move from Malema and Floyd, why? As much as South Africans are forgiving and tolerant as the article above suggest, they are also very forgetting and oblivious meaning you can easily fade within the political scope. You need to be active to remain political relevant. …

  13. mkhosani jnr says:

    I will support malema til da end…South Africa must wake Up.

  14. thabiso says:

    who m i not to vote for you? I have long been waiting for this man….your expulsion from anc was discussed before it could happen, that is why it remains unfair. When you were re elected u said u and Floyd are not safe in the anc, why did it happen just like that? Look man if you dare gives up about this party, you will anger me and many millions out there. Your type don’t deserve to join a party where they don’t have an opinion…even Mandela never kept mum about people he didn’t disagree with even if it was from his seniors, so what kind of anc are we seeing today? Cultural society?

  15. Chester Ahashoni says:

    Eff in my life time. That I will support viva EFF

  16. Tshebeletso Mangoale says:

    To the friends and the family of EFF,the commander in chief and the relatives and the ordinary population of the republic.the number of our people is so huge and we cannot afford to disappoint our memebers by nor registering our glorious movement for next year election.forward we are going, backward never.Aluta

  17. Buddyman says:

    we Government employees will 100% support Malema

  18. seapela Tebogo says:

    Viva Juju Viva I don’t believe in you now but u have my vote in the future, pull up your socks and #Nationalize…am happy and all the best.

  19. Tebogo Moroka says:

    Is not a mistake to join malema, is the same as Zuma joined Gupta for living. Viva EFF. Vryburg is on your side.

  20. handy nchochoba says:

    The poor and unemployed will be heard. I fear no one to support malema. EFF has my vote (ancyl vryburg)

  21. Richard frm sasol fezile dabi region says:

    Stil support u general juju malema vivi eff viva

  22. Tman says:

    I’m not into politics but m seek of empty promises from Jacob Zuma and his friends up there,
    when they want votes they promise us the world then after votes they only concentrate putting more into their own pockets. While he building a complex for his family that costs above 100mil,statistics show that SA population is around 50mil meaning that if the ANC leaders want and wish well for every1 they can give every house hold 500k to solve financial problems and have a fresh start financial and that alone can boost the economy. I sure have new hope in EFF in the future and will be voting for EFF should it run for elections

  23. Karolina says:

    Iam so happy!!!!!!?!!? Malema has got great plans for the future,the country and everyone no more ANC for me Malema has definetly got ma vote this dude is like super extremely cool …VIVA Malema viva!!!!Viva EFF viva!!!!!

  24. Mahlatse says:

    A forgotten, neglected and abondend village in marumofase, just outside lenyenye supports you 100% maybe our village will improve.

  25. mzo says:

    We appreciate what anc has done for us.what we don’t appreciate is empty promises and poor leadership shown by by this government led by jz.that is y we will support eff a youth of sa we are being described as a ticking time bomb before we explode,eff must save us!

  26. frans mokoka says:

    Proceed mr malema we will surport u until nkandla being crush n gupta gate being public issue like RDP houses and we don`t fear anything under the leadership of jacob zuma>we wish the state could pay the fees for peoples who lost their brothers in marikana and nationalkisation is the key issue

  27. Anonymous says:

    Go eff go

  28. pretty mphahlele says:

    Viva EFF ,forward we go comrades ,we are going to mobilise youth to join this party ,I’m willing to recruiting more people in soweto ,im there to help u comrate .


    The generation of 1970s has fought for freedom and we r greatful for that, now its time for us the 1980s to fight for economic freedom and nationalization for the sake of the next coming juju viva our future president khutsong is behind you al the way!!

  30. Nhlanhla says:

    Viva juju im with u all da way

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