The Top Mobile Gaming Providers of 2015

By Alex Saunders    18-Mar-2015 11:21 UTC+02:00
Image: Deutsche Welle.

Image: Deutsche Welle.

Mobile gaming is the top new craze that’s currently gripping the world’s smartphone and tablet owning populace, and for good reason. Whether it’s being able to sit down and relax playing a game or two at home after work, being able to while away a wait whilst travelling, or simply having a means to meet and connect with new, likeminded people, mobile gaming lets you do it all! For the mobile gaming newcomer however, choosing between the sheer number of mobile gaming providers can be quite a difficult task. Who are the best of the bunch?


The Californian technology giant’s smartphones and tablet have been making waves in the gaming scene for quite a while now, and part of the story behind these devices’ success has been the excellent capacity for gaming that the company has built up over the past few years. Apple’s iOS platform is smooth, stable and powerful, perfectly suiting the many games available on the company’s app store. Words with Friends, Tales From The Borderlands, Leo’s Fortune and GTA: Chinatown Wars have all established Apple in the eyes of mobile gamers.

Coral Games

Whilst many people enjoy simple free to play games, there’s a huge community on the net that absolutely loves online casino games such as poker, roulette, blackjack and slots. One of the best providers of these big money titles is Coral, whose slot games have won over the online casino gaming population thanks to the big prizes, small buy-ins and special offers that perfectly signify the provider’s way of doing business.


The majority of mobile device owners run Google’s Android software, many opting to take advantage of the Android games and app stores, both of which have more apps for purchase than the Apple store. Dots, The Simpsons Tapped Out, Crazy Taxi City Rush and even indie games such as Badland are all featured on the Android store, among millions of others, and free, freemium and paid-for titles are all plentifully available.

Steam for Mobile

Valve software – the creators of the seminal Half Life series, among others – have been running the exceptional online gaming service Steam for quite a while now, but thankfully today even mobile gamers (of both iOS and Android camps) can enjoy the wonderful service. Alongside a vast selection of games, users can chat to other steam users mid-game, connect and share gaming stats with friends, and take advantage of free-to-play and free-to-download deals that run continually on the service.

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