Top 5 Tips for Hiring the Right Employee

By Steve Conway    27-Feb-2019 22:11 UTC+02:00

In the competitive modern-day job market, more people than ever before are applying for each advertised job vacancy. If you are an employer, then you may find that you are inundated with job applications and resumés to go through. The chances are that many of the individuals that apply could make for a great candidate for the job, but you will need to whittle the list down. So here are the top five tips to help you make sure you hire the right employee for the job!

Define the Job

You should undertake some job role analysis before you start to advertise a vacancy. A job analysis will highlight all the information you need to collect in order to create a job advert that will attract the right candidate. Your advert should clearly state a full job description of the role, such as the duties, skills needed, and responsibilities.

Use a Checklist

Before you start going through all the resumés and job applications you have received, you should make a checklist of all the different qualities you want from the perfect candidate. It is advisable to divide your checklist into essential and desirable requirements so that you can prioritize what you want to see from a candidate. Having a checklist to refer to while you are selecting the applications will help you select those that stand out to you the most.

Ask Good Interview Questions

Once you have shortlisted a small group of applicants, you will need to arrange interviews with them. A job interview is a great way to get to know someone better and learn more about the things they have discussed in their application.

Be sure to ask in-depth questions about their experience and qualifications and ask them directly why they think they should be picked for the role. Good interview questions should help you to separate the best candidates from the rest!

Employment Verification

A great tip for making the hiring process a lot easier is to use an employment verification service. This technique has been used increasingly more by employers as they want to make sure they are hiring the best possible candidates for the job.

By using leading forensics and private investigation teams such as Secure Forensics to verify that a candidate has the credentials they claim to have, you can ensure that no candidates are embellishing their applications in order to stand out.

Secure Forensics can undertake verification searches on a candidate’s education, work history and any criminal or driving checks.

Check Compatibility

If you are going to be working in close proximity with someone everyday, then it is important that they are compatible with you and the rest of the team. It is important that the right candidate has the social skills needed to get along with everyone and fit in with the company’s culture.

Individuals are bound to be nervous when they are getting interviewed and meeting new people, but you should be able to tell if they have friendly and approachable characteristics.

As an employer, picking a candidate to fill a job vacancy can be an overwhelming decision to make. But by following these top five tips, you should be able to find the perfect person who will make great contributions to the role and the rest of the company.

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