Top Billing Presenter Simba Mhere Dies in a Car Accident

By Oliver Ngwenya    31-Jan-2015 22:36 UTC+02:00 7
Simba Mhere dies in a car crash.

Simba Mhere dies in a car crash.

Simba Mhere, who was the presenter of popular lifestyle television programme, Top Billing, has died in an automobile accident, it has been reported. He is reported to have died in an accident that happened on his way to the airport where he was travelling to be one of the judges in the search for another Top Billing presenter.

According to reports still coming in, Simba died in an accident when a VW Polo collided with the car in which he was travelling. The accident is reported to have resulted in the instant death of Mhere and that of a friend that was travelling with him. It is also reported that a man who is believed to be Simba Mhere’s father survived the accident even though there are no specific details about the injuries he may have sustained.

Simba Mhere was originally born in Zimbabwe but attended school in South Africa, with his high school being done at Randpark Ridge High School. He went on to attain a B. Comm degree in Accounting from the University of Johannesburg. In 2010 he participated in the Top Billing Presenter search, which he won and since then, he has not looked back and his face has been synonymous with the lifestyle show and has consequently graced the living rooms of many homes many a Thursday. As his prize for winning the presenter search, he travelled to Norway where, according to him, he saw snow and skied for the first time ever. As part of his job, he has interviewed many stars and was given an opportunity to travel to many countries, which was apparently his dream. Simba also acted as the Master of Ceremonies for a number of significant events. Top among these is when he took capable charge of the Miss South Africa Beauty Peagant in 2013. He also had the opportunity to do voice overs for many products on both television and radio.

Simba inspired many people of all ages and races when he presented the Top Billing Show. Many of these people feel robbed by his passing on at the age of 31. It is therefore not surprising social media is abuzz with many people expressing their sorrow at the news of his demise. Says one fan on Twitter, “Simba inspired a whole lot of people by showing them that you don’t have to be well known in order to get to high places.” On the other hand Jean Marie Stander adds, ” Such tragic news to hear of the passing of Simba Mhere. An unbelievable man… It was such a pleasure knowing you.” Such was the kind of person that Simba was! Rest in peace!






  1. tsholo/cena says:

    May ur soul RIP I don’t think I can watch top billing again n I will alwysalwys love u

  2. Sma nkosi says:


  3. popie loko says:

    May His soul rest in peace

  4. Enos Masia says:

    may ur soul RIP simba!!

  5. thandi mmileng says:

    We will miss that laugh. Everything about you was unique. May your soul rest in peace.

  6. yvonne kalamore says:

    eish go thata,robala ka kagiso ntwanas

  7. Samuel Pombili 666 Shikuma says:

    May his soul rest in peace,my brother,friend and my dj,i can’t remember to forget him,i will keep his family in my prayers.

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