Trevor Noah Denies Reports of His Cousin’s Death

By Brian Harry    25-May-2015 14:49 UTC+02:00

Picture: Facebook.

Cebisile Happiness Khoza, who is considered to be Trevor Noah’s cousin, has been brutally murdered in KwaZulu-Natal as reported by the Sunday Times. Cebisile was travelling from her hometown of Msinga to Greytown for her ceremony where she was going to receive her postgraduate certificate in education.

According to the newspaper, she was reportedly dropped off at a salon by her boyfriend when she then disappeared and was later found in a Sugarcane field by farm workers. Her body was burnt and stabbed several times. Furthermore, she started writing her mother’s cellphone number in the dust when she died, said the newspaper. Trevor Noah on the other hand denies it all and insists none of his family members had died.

He tweeted,”Thanks to some crafty journalism my family and I have spent the whole day trying to figure out which one of us died.”

He said his family has no knowledge of the so-called incident. Further information from the Sunday Times is awaited by the public and most importantly, the distraught and worried family of Trevor Noah.

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