Tropical cyclone Irina gone

By The Editor    06-Mar-2012 18:27 UTC+02:00 1

A tropical storm known as cyclone Irina recently swept through northern KwaZulu-Natal, Swaziland and Southern Mozambique, causing heavy rains over the past three days. Although the damage is not as severe as expected, several injuries and deaths occurred as a result of this storm. There are fears that the storm might return. However, it is said to be moving east-south-east, away from the coast, reports Weather SA.


  1. vinoliah says:

    the south African weather service are not far even the government it’s not fair how come they know about this but they do anything to help they don’t care about us so they gonna let all of us to die they should have done something take us to a safe place until this Dinoe this is over

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