Trump and Republicans Lead the way to the White House

By Oliver Ngwenya    09-Nov-2016 08:56 UTC+02:00


Image by Steemit

It is more and more looking like history will not be remade in this American election as many were hoping that it would be a decade of records being broken in the World’s biggest political democracy. This after the preliminary results that are coming in are showing dark horse, Donald Trump leading the election by a seemingly wide margin. There was hope that as the last competitive election ushered in the first President of colour, this election would elect the first female president in the history of the United States of America.

In the results that are trickling in, Republican candidate, Donald Trump is leading with just over 48% while his biggest competition, Hillary Clinton has managed to garner just over 47% of the votes that have been declared to date. Some little known contenders, Johnston and Stein have managed to steal a share of the spoils, have managed to get 3,2% and 0,9% respectively of the votes that have been counted so far even if none of the two have managed to win in any state so far and it is not looking promising at all.

In an election in which the winner, the person that gets to 270 electoral votes, takes all, Donald Trump, had, by 7 am South African time, managed to amass an incredible 238 electoral votes against Clinton’s 209. When looking at the state by state election, it is also looking good for Republican candidate, Trump as he has won in more states than his main rival, Clinton. He is also leading in a number of other states in which results are yet to be declared. Another good sign is that he has won the Florida state and history has shown that if any candidate wins this state, they are most likely going to win the election.

In the house of Representatives, the Republicans are also in the lead, having gained majority and some. In an election in which they are required to get a majority of 218 electoral votes, they have obtained as much as 223 against the Democrats’ 160. Also looking at the Senate elections, the Republicans are also in the lead even though they have not yet gotten the majority as they have amassed only 48 votes against the Democrats’ 47 in an election in which the majority is only obtainable by a total of 51 votes.

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