Tshwane Metro Police Director Left Safe and Sound After Hijack

By Oliver Ngwenya    26-Sep-2015 20:43 UTC+02:00
Sean and his wife were hijacked and unharmed Image:Tshwane

Sean and his wife were hijacked and unharmed
Image: Tshwane.

Sean Bolhuis, a Tshwane Metro Police Director and his wife were hijacked and released safe and sound in Pretoria.

Mike Bolhuis, who is a security specialist, private investigator and brother to Sean Bolhuis, said the hijacking happened right in front of the security, just at the entrance of a complex, in a very secure area and on a busy main street. He went on to say the hijacking happened in Equestria at 21:00 on Thursday and it was carried out by a well-oiled mafia which hijacked three other cars that evening. Mike said there were four truculent men, who knew exactly what they were doing.

The hijackers dropped off Sean Bolhuis and his wife in the Bynespoort smallholdings after they were held for about 45 minutes. Police were called after the Metro Police Director, Sean Bolhuis and his wife sought help from a local resident. Also, the hijackers disabled the couple’s cellphones and the car’s satellite tracking device. The car was a month old white VW Touareg with registration number DR 30 PR GP.

Mike Bolhuis said they had a feeling it was an “order hijack” and that the car was on its way to Mozambique. He was grateful that his brother was not in uniform at the time of the hijack.

It is also said that Sean Bolhuis and his wife had kept their heads down and agreed to the hijacker’s demands. The couple were not with their children when they were hijacked. He added that both the police and metro police handled the matter professionally and proficiently. Furthermore Bolhuis said the hijack can happen to anyone and it can happen anywhere and it is still one of the most violent and serious crimes in the country. Therefore people must be on the lookout for possible danger.

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