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Two Men Shot and Killed Outside Court

By Smanga Kumalo    12-Apr-2013 03:14 UTC+02:00

CAPE TOWN – Western Cape police have launched a manhunt after two people were shot and killed outside the Atlantis Magistrate’s court in the Western Cape on Thursday. The motive of the shooting is unclear but there are claims that it could be gang related.

Western Cape police spokesperson Andre Traut confirmed that two men were killed outside the court and police have launched a manhunt for the suspects. He said two men in their 20s were shot and killed while a third person escaped with serious injuries. He was wounded in the crossfire. “No one has been arrested as yet” said Taut.

This happened shortly after a controversial pastor, Pastor Albern Martins, was shot and killed in front of the Blue Downs Magistrate’s court in Cape Town on March 01 this year. Martins, renowned for burying gangsters, and two others had apparently tried to exchange drugs for perlemoen.

It is believed many people have been killed in gang-related violence throughout the city since January. It is reported that on Wednesday evening, a 21-year-old man was shot and killed in Retreat. Traut said two suspects fled the scene. Law enforcement officials on Wednesday launched an operation in the area to clamp down on crime and violence. Operation ‘Choke’ comes after a spate of gang violence, mainly in Lavender Hill, saw several people killed over the last few weeks.

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