Ukhozi FM Business Manager Sbongi Ngcobo Suspended?

By Staff Writer    31-Jan-2024 23:45 UTC+02:00

Ukhozi FM Business Manager Sbongi Ngcobo. Image:

Ukhozi FM business manager has been placed on leave as an investigation into allegations of mismanagement at the radio station continues.

This was reported by Isolezwe on Wednesday, 31 January 2024. According to the publication, Ngcobo’s suspension follows complaints from some Ukhozi FM staff members that came to the attention of the SABC.

It is said that the management of the SABC recently met with Ukhozi FM staff members to hear their grievances. In the meeting, the music team is said to have expressed its unhappiness with the the manner in which the 2023 song of the year was selected.

The station’s song of the year 2023 competition was won by Khuzani Mpungose’s Umjolo Lowo, which angered many listeners. According to Isolezwe, Ukhozi FM’s music compiler Zanda Mthembu feels that the song did not even deserve to be part of the station’s top 10 songs of the year since it had been played only three times. Apparently the song was included in this list against the will of the music compilation team.

The investigation into this matter, among other things, seeks to establish if and why the procedure for selecting the song of the year was flouted under Ngcobo’s leadership.

The SABC’s spokesperson Ms. Mmoni Seapolelo refused to provide details on this matter to the media. However, she denied that Khuzani’s song had been played only three times on Ukhozi FM. The investigation continues.

Update (01 Feb 2024): The SABC has released a statement refuting the allegations that Sbongi Ngcobo has been suspended and that she is being investigated.

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