Take a walk on the wild side

By Alice Aires    06-Mar-2013 18:46 UTC+02:00


An article about the benefits of a safari holiday, who it best suits, what to expect from your trip and how to get the best from your holiday.

Ever been to the zoo? Most of us have at some point, either as children or with our own children and grandchildren. There’s no denying that it’s a great day out and kids especially love to see all the exotic and unusual animals. But seeing a gorilla behind a glass case, a lion inevitably asleep and a tiger pacing up and down is simply no substitute for seeing these magnificent animals on their home territory.

Safari holidays are for wild, adventurous types, right? Crazy young people who enjoy taking risks, zooming about in land rovers and living life in the fast lane? No, of course they’re not. They are for anyone who loves the idea of seeing animals in their natural habitat and who wants to get a bit more out of their holiday than simply lazing on a beach and anyone who has a sense of fun and adventure, no matter what age they are.

Most safaris are in Africa although there are exceptions but there are lots of different types of holiday available. Before you go headlong into looking at which destination you fancy, it really is a good idea to think about the type of holiday you want. For example, are you happy travelling in a group or do you prefer to be in a private party? Are you able to camp or will you require a more secure accommodation? What type of transport do you want to take? From here, you can start to build up a good idea of what type of safari will suit you best and then see which destinations are on offer for your chosen trip.

If you are travelling with children, then you are offering them a wonderful experience by taking them on a safari instead of opting for the more traditional beach holiday or kids’ destination. They will make some fantastic memories and get so much out of your trip. You will need to
make sure that you are choosing a holiday that is suitable for children, however so look at whether your choice of accommodation has any minimum age requirements for children and check that the type of transport you are planning is safe for your family.

A touch of romance

Newlyweds often choose a safari as a more unusual type of honeymoon. You can often combine them with a beach holiday, so enjoy adventures and relaxation to start your married life off in style. Most safaris will offer special honeymoon packages, perhaps with more secluded accommodation, romantic dining for two and access to a private vehicle.

Depending on your budget, you can make your safari as economical or as luxurious as you please. Upgrade or downgrade your accommodation and travel to suit your finances and then relax and enjoy the wonderful sights and scenery on offer…

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