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What to Do Before Getting Steel Doors for Your Business

By Steve Conway    31-Oct-2023 19:56 UTC+02:00

Steel doors have a number of benefits for commercial properties, including added security and fire resistance. However, there are several steps that you should take before introducing steel doors onto your business premises. Read on to find out a few of them.

  • Find a Good Steel Door Company

The first step that you should take before you commit to investing in steel doors is to find a good steel door company. There is an array of steel doors on the market, and yet you need to ensure that you find a reliable company that can provide you with a high-quality option for your business. These steel doors need to meet regulations and have been tested by the National Fire Protection Association, as well as other organizations. You should also look at the thickness of these doors, with the standard thickness of commercial steel doors being 1-3/4”. This will mean that you are able to find the right company for you, and you might even choose to look at reviews to see whether they have pleased a number of customers before you.

  • Measure Up

Before you put in your order for steel doors, though, you need to make sure that the doors that you order are the right size and that they will fit the doorway that you want them in. Rather than guessing the size, or measuring in a slapdash way, you need to take your time checking whether the doors that you have in mind will be able to fit your building. You can do this by taking a tape measure to your door frame and carefully measuring the width and height within the frame, being careful not to include much of the surround. You should also check the depth, or else you might find that your door ends up sticking out or that you struggle to open and close it. If you are struggling to do this, many steel door companies will be able to come and measure up your door before fitting it.

  • Look at Your Funds

Steel doors can range in price. However, high-quality choices are not always cheap. This means that you should always look at your budget for door renovations before you speak to different companies, as this will give you a better idea of where you stand financially and will check that you do not empty your bank account while buying doors for your business. You might also consider saving up for a while, redistributing your profits to pay for these investments, or speaking to a financial advisor who may be able to help you work out where you are able to save money and cut corners within your business. This can leave you with the money that you need for your steel doors.

  • Decide Whether Steel Doors Are Best

It is also important that you decide which steel doors are best. This is because steel doors come in all shapes and sizes, including single or double steel doors. You can buy these doors in different thicknesses, and you might look at specialist fire doors that have been designed especially with fire resistance in mind. By thinking carefully about which steel doors you buy, you will be able to avoid regretting your decision.

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