Young Girl Accidentally Shoots and Kills Instructor with an Uzi

By Robert    28-Aug-2014 01:20 UTC+02:00
A shooting instructor working in Arizona in the US was accidentally shot and killed in a shooting accident on Monday while teaching a nine-year-old girl to fire an Automatic Uzi, authorities say.
Charles Vacca, aged 39, was busy teaching the unnamed girl how to shoot the weapon at the Last Stop outdoor rifle shooting range where he worked, in the Mohave Desert in White Hills, Arizona when the recoil of the gun pulled the young girl to her left, resulting in a stray bullet hitting Vacca in the head.
Vacca was airlifted to the University Medical Centre in Las Vegas, where he was later pronounced dead.
The young girl and her family were on holiday in the area and decided to visit the range, which is the last stop for food and fuel before Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. The Last Stop’s website tells customers to come and, “Shoot a machine gun at Arizona’s last stop.”
According to Arizona State Law, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 years old to be in possession of a firearm. This law, however, does not apply to those in the presence of their parent or an instructor, or if the minor is on private property.
According to Sam Scarmando, manager at the Last Stop shooting range, “The established practice at most shooting ranges is eight-years-old and up with parental supervision.”
Scarmando also urged the public to pray for Vacca and the young client, as she is apparently, “Going through a very hard time.” He also described Vacca, who was a former war veteran and father to a young family as, “A great guy with a great sense of humor,” and as, “Very conscientious and very professional.”
The incidence will most likely lead to calls for greater control of firearms and lethal weapons in the US, as has already been prominent following various gun-related incidents in recent months.

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