Zimbabwean Hackers Hailed for Attacking ANC’s Website

By Staff Writer    15-Jun-2013 08:17 UTC+02:00 1

On Friday the ANC’s website was hacked by a group of hackers which calls itself Africa Anonymous. ANC national spokesperson Jackson Mthembu issued a report explaining the nature of the attack. From 10am the website was inaccessible for nearly two hours. Around 12pm the hackers indicated through a tweet that they had stopped their attack and the website was back online. “@MyANC_ we stopped, you can switch it back on now”, they tweeted.

According to reports, these hackers are targeting websites that support Zimbabwe and Robert Mugabe. The hacking of the ANC’s website came just two days after that of The Independent Online (IOL). IOL’s website was also taken down for nearly two hours by Africa Anonymous for publishing an article that spoke favourably about Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe.

ANC spokesman Keith Khoza told News24 that it was not the first time their website was hacked. He said these attacks violate their freedom of speech. However, surprisingly many people on Twitter sounded amused by these attacks. They hailed Africa Anonymous for taking down the ANC’s website. Below are some of their tweets:

George Webb said: “Brilliant! Just so happy someone is capable and willing to expose these murderers! Look forward to progress!”

Kinkie Malinkie: “Great job guys finally an organisation that I will support. Down with corruption and down with dictators”

Timothy Singh: “I think you guys are awesome and what you did to the ANC site was fantastic.”


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