Zimbabwean Permits will be Renewed – Minister Malusi Gigaba

By Oliver Ngwenya    13-Aug-2014 04:57 UTC+02:00 19
Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba says Zimbabwean Permits will be renewed for a further three years. Photo:SABC.

Minister of Home Affairs Malusi Gigaba says Zimbabwean Permits will be renewed for a further three years. Photo:SABC.

The minister of Home Affairs, Mr Malusi Gigaba, on Tuesday made remarks that settled the nerves of many Zimbabweans resident and working in South Africa to the effect that the Dispensation of Zimbabweans Project (DZP ) permits would effectively be renewed for a further three years.

In his speech, which was presented in Pretoria, Minister Gigaba related that back in April, 2009, the department of Home Affairs had approved the dispensation for several reasons which included regularizing the stay of many illegal Zimbabweans in South Africa, reduce pressure on the asylum and refugee system as well as to give amnesty to those Zimbabweans who had obtained South African identity booklets illegally. He also told those present that out of a total of 295 000 Zimbabweans who had applied for the permits, a little over 240 000 were successful, the balance being denied for various reasons including lack of passports as well as not being able to fulfill the requirements.

Moving on to the anticipated information, Malusi Gigaba said that the DZP permits would all expire on 31 December, 2014 meaning that those that expired before that date would be delayed to this date and those that have an expiry date in 2015 would be brought forward to the end of this year. The minister also announced the creation of the Zimbabwe Special Dispensation Permit (ZSP), adding that those holders of the DZP who wished to remain in the Republic after this expiry date would have to apply for these new permits. He, however added that there were conditions to the approval of the new permit. Generally, the conditions would include the availability of a valid passport, evidence of employment, business or accredited study as well as a clear criminal record. The application for these permits would open on the 1st of October and close on the 31st of December, 2014, the minister said.

Minister Gigaba informed the listeners that the whole process of applying for the ZSP would be handled by the departments’ partner, VFS, with the department coming in with an adjudication role. The minister further reminded those interested in the process that the application would commence on line and end with booking a face to face interview process. He added that those applying would be charged an administration fee, which would be communicated once it had been decided. He further informed Zimbabweans that at the end of the three years, they would need to go back to their country to apply for mainstream visas or permits.


  1. violet says:

    What about those who did not apply before can they apply now.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am sure all the zimbos are very excited with thegreat news of the renewals of the permits, However will SouthAfrica not be faced with the same problem experienced now, after the threeyear extension is over ,of Zimbabweans not wanting to go home..After 2017 Zimbabweans will have lived 7 legal years in south Africa ,thus to some now calling it our home. We will have more investments/accounts/loans/children completing studies thus now justifying why we can not go home yet again!!!Worried still ,however grateful

  3. Handsome says:

    how about people who want to start applyng for permits…

  4. thandi says:

    is it possible for me to apply for a permits if l did not get the chance to apply .whn other were doung it

  5. Prudence says:

    What happens to those who submitted all that was required of them bt didn’t get the permits
    ?Can we apply again or what?

  6. Marcus says:

    Do the spouses and children of current holders also qualify for the new permit if they dont hold the old one.And can one apply for a different permit eg critical skills visa in the course of the new permit here in South Africa.Please help.

  7. irene says:

    Were when must we start to apply.and do we do it?and were must we do it

  8. Takesure mbedzi says:

    What about us who havent applyed yet do we have chance to apply plz let us know plz

  9. themba moyo says:

    How about those who have fake permits

  10. edson tarusenga says:

    Is this project also applies to non-permit holders

  11. Sibonginkosi Sibanda says:

    May you please consider those who want to apply for the first time also.

  12. mike says:

    I need help ididnt apply work permit ican apply nw

  13. josphat says:

    l s it imposibble for me to apply work permit on line its renewal

  14. josphat says:

    is it possible to apply work permit online its renewal

  15. Sandra ndlovu says:

    may I please have the email adress so I can renew my permit

  16. Lydia ncube says:

    I aply silll watg for my reference numbe what can i do

  17. Absolom Dube says:

    To those who did submit there application formsfor permits are they alowd to cross the border?

  18. mambo misheck says:


  19. mambo misheck says:

    I was given one month from the boarder gate. Problem is that 3 february is when iam supposed to go back to the boarder .at the same 3 february is when iam going for interview. Please can you help idont know what to do

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