Zondo Instructs Criminal Charges Against Dudu Myeni

By Oliver Ngwenya    25-May-2021 20:08 UTC+02:00

Dudu Myeni, former SAA chair and Executive chair of JG Zuma Foundation. Photo: Timeslive.


The chairman of the State Capture Commission, Raymond Zondo, has instructed the commission secretary to lay a criminal charge against the former chairperson of the South African Airways board and executive chairperson of the Jacob G Zuma Foundation, Ms. Dudu Myeni. The former board chair was expected to appear before the commission to answer questions about her part in the happenings at the state enterprise. She however did not show up for the hearing, which resulted in Justice Zondo issuing the instruction for a criminal charge to be laid against her. This is the second warrant of arrest to be issued against her from the same commission.

Myeni has appeared before at the commission, at which event she had requested to exercise her right not to incriminate herself while giving evidence. It is in this light that the evidence leader, advocate Kate Hoffmeyer, had sent her some of the questions regarding this stint at the commission. According to her legal representative, she had wanted more time to respond to these questions. When Justice Zondo asked if Ms. Myeni could give evidence via Zoom, the lawyers concurred but added that the only problem would be her access to the documents. Zondo then wondered why Myeni had not made arrangements to present her evidence via Zoom or some other video conferencing method so that the work of the commission could continue. He then adjourned in order to allow Myeni’s legal representative to consult with Myeni.

After the adjournment, the lawyer indicated that Myeni had been on her way to a “family engagement” and would be turning back, casting a doubt on whether she would be able to present evidence before the commission on Tuesday. This raised the ire of the evidence leader, Hoffmeyer, who argued that Myeni having advised her lawyers to apply for a postponement, could not just assume that it would be allowed and therefore decide she could absent herself without confirmation. She contended that this was merely defiance on the part of Myeni. “We are dealing with defiance,” she said.

However, according to media reports, Myeni did give evidence before the commission and, in her opening address, she requested to speak in IsiZulu and made a meal of the fact that she was being targeted and hounded because of her association to the former president, Jacob G. Zuma.

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