Zuma Could Lose His Job as President After the Release of the Final Nkandla Report

By Staff Writer    05-Dec-2013 07:55 UTC+02:00 11
The home of President Jacob Zuma in Nkandla looks perfect for a postcard. The cost of the renovations to the presidential residence is said to be in excess of R200 million. – image - www.flyafrica.info

The home of President Jacob Zuma in Nkandla looks perfect for a postcard. The cost of the renovations to the presidential residence is said to be in excess of R200 million. – image – www.flyafrica.info

Recent reports suggest that there is a possibility of President Jacob Zuma being removed from office when the Public Protector Thuli Madonsela releases her final report on the legality of the pricey security upgrades that were made at Zuma’s home in Nkandla.

The provisional report that was published by the Mail & Guardian last week sparked a national debate on Zuma’s suitability to be the president of the country. Many members of society and opposition parties, particularly the Democratic Alliance (DA) and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), called for Zuma’s impeachment after reading the report. However, the ANC refused to take action based on a provisional report whose validity was not confirmed by the Public Protector’s office.

According to the report, the security upgrades substantially and improperly benefitted the Zuma family. The Public Protector found non-security enhancements such as a swimming pool, visitors’ lounge, amphitheatre, kraal and paving. She also found that new rondavels were built for some of the president’s relatives. Although Zuma had said these were paid for by his family, the investigation apparently found that the state’s money was used. The report accuses Zuma of misleading parliament and failing to protect the state’s resources.

The New Age newspaper, which is believed to have connections in parliament, reported on Monday that the ANC had plans to remove Zuma from office and replace him with Kgalema Motlanthe ahead of the elections. The National Executive Committee (NEC) will meet on Friday for its last meeting. ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu said it would be an ordinary meeting and there were no plans to remove Zuma.

Analysts believe that the Nkandla controversy may cost the ANC significant voter support next year. Therefore it is possible that some members of the NEC see Zuma’s removal as a necessary precaution to prevent this from happening. The ANC has urged Thuli Madonsela to release the final report as soon as possible. Madonsela said the final report will be released in January next year. If it corroborates the findings revealed in the provisional report that was published by the Mail & Guardian, Zuma could potentially lose his job as president of South Africa.


  1. londo p says:

    zuma should be banned from the cabinet, because he has abused his power in many ways

  2. Nomsa says:

    I wish Madonsela could work a little bit faster.

  3. Sillo Mboweni says:

    Nkandla is not Zuma’s home, it is home of the people of South
    Africa. He must buy his own home. Have you looked at Obama’s, Cameron’s,
    Merkel’s etc own homes. They bought it themselves. Even Mandela’s and Mbeki’s
    homes belong to the state it is not own homes. All these homes should be
    converted into guesthouses or Hotels. It was a sad day for South Africa when
    Zuma became President, the biggest crook he should have been put in jail by
    Mbeki but all these guys do have skeletons in their cupboards, from Mandela to
    Zuma all these guys are not angels. How did these guys amass so much money in
    such a short time it must have been stolen from the taxpayers of South Africa?

  4. Thuthuka motshekga says:

    We want leaders with good example. we will always remember Thabo Mbeki, a well behaved SA president, without corruption.

  5. Potjiri Hlakacha says:

    What kind of democracy is ANC government showing??? why does ANC declare a public protector’s report as a political propaganda yet the nation wants to know whether Nkandla’s security is full of corruption or what??? shouldnt the nation know??? DILEMMA…!!!!!

  6. khayakazi jonaseu says:

    icy 2 our president jacob zuma he should step down as a president b4 thingz gt worse his home should be sold by the state like the government did 2 malema

  7. Kb Nkosi says:

    Lets all vote 4 ANC,we not doing so by promoting Zuma bt honouring Tata Madiba and da difference he brought in our country

  8. Ayanda says:

    Eish Zuma ths Zuma that plz live our prsdnt alone ANC is here to stay take it or live it

  9. luvuyo dumezweni says:

    seems zuma take over south africa is a mess im a anc and I will die it but xa kunje uya mosha makehle qha nyan mayithethwe lizwe liyaphela

  10. m Diko says:

    its time for a change give other parties a chance to mess up than come back again

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