Zuma to Miss Youth Day Event and Lekgotla

By Robert    10-Jun-2014 20:20 UTC+02:00
Photocred: IOL

Photocred: IOL

President Jacob Zuma is going to remain at home to rest during both the Government’s Lekgotla and he will no longer deliver the main address at the annual Youth Day address, which is to be held in Kimberky on the 16th of June.

It was announced on Friday that the president was to remain home and rest up until the Government’s Lekgotla, with the reason being that the president’s election campaign had been both a long and gruelling one. However, President Zuma was admitted to hospital for tests after experiencing, “a pain”. President Zuma was discharged from Pretoria hospital the following day and it is reported that the doctors involved were satisfied with the results and advised him to merely rest.

The Lekgotla, which includes the national executive, will include all nine new premiers of the provinces, the president, his deputy, the ministers and the deputy ministers began today and is to commence for three days. In the president’s absence, Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa, will chair the meeting. The meeting is currently being held in Pretoria and will be used to plan the Government’s programme of action for the rest of the year and any other issues deemed pertinent.

According to government spokesperson, Mac Maharaj, the president will remain at home to rest for a while longer. “He must maximise the time he has to rest. He’s working from home and his diary is being updated day-by-day,” the spokesman said. The spokesman also added that the president is at home and no time-limit has been placed on his rest.

Fortunately, the president met with the cabinet to be attending the Lekgotla meeting on May 4 to discuss the plans and proceedings. He is also working from home during this time. He is apparently in good health but the ANC-led government deemed it in his, and the cabinet’s best interests to remain at home to rest and recover.

The elections, which took place on May 7, were, “gruelling,” according to Gwede Mantashe and the president and other senior officials merely need time to, “re-energise”.

No further updates on the progress at the Lekgotla have been issued.

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