Zuma’s Swazi Son Calls on Foreigners to Go

By Oliver Ngwenya    02-Apr-2015 04:35 UTC+02:00 1
Edward Zuma, he has been criticized for siding with King Zwelithini on foreigners. image: IOL

Edward Zuma, he has been criticized for siding with King Zwelithini on foreigners.
image: IOL

In a seeming authentication of the statements made by the Zulu king over the weekend, President Jacob Zuma’s eldest son has reiterated the calls for foreigners to leave South Africa.

Edward Zuma was speaking in an interview with the news giant, New24, in which he gave his sentiments on the comments that are purported to have been made by the King of the Zulus, Goodwill Zwelithini. He said that he agreed with the King’s comments because there were some companies like those in the security business who were employing foreigners because they were afraid to conform to the local labour laws and were thereby employing foreigners who did not, in most cases, have the right documents.

Zuma added that South Africa was sitting on a ticking time-bomb because some of the foreigners were carrying guns and most of these were unlicensed. “Where are their licences?” he charged! He further charged that the possibility of a coup could not be ruled out. Edward Zuma, who was himself born in Swaziland further accused foreigners of fueling the drug problem. He said that foreigners were responsible for there being so many drugs in the country. “They are the reason why there are so many drugs in the country. They supply and sell the drugs to communities in our country. Take Radovan Krejcir for example, he came into the country because he knew he could commit crime and get away with it,” he said.

Several individuals and organisations have responded against Zuma’s sentiments, accusing him of encouraging xenophobic attacks on foreigners. Lucky Lukhele of the Swaziland Solidarity Network says he is disappointed by Zuma’s utterances, demanding that he withdraw them urgently. Added Lukhele, “We understand that some people love Zwelithini so much that they would lick areas where the sun doesn’t shine, but Edward mustn’t embarrass the ANC.”


  1. Corruptshini wami says:

    Tell that to the millions of South Africans who fled their corrupt, crime infested failed state that your old man and co created Mr Edward (not too bright) Zuma.

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