Zuma’s Wife MaNtuli Kicked out of Nkandla after Poisoning the President?

By Staff Writer    22-Feb-2015 23:37 UTC+02:00 7
President Jacob Zuma and his second wife Nompumelelo Ntuli. MaNtuli is said to have been banned from Nkandla following suspicions that she tried to poison the president. Image: Times Live.

President Jacob Zuma and his second wife Nompumelelo Ntuli (MaNtuli). It is reported that MaNtuli has been banned from Nkandla following suspicions that she poisoned the president. Image: Times Live.

President Jacob Zuma’s second wife Nompumelelo Ntuli has been kicked out of Zuma’s Nkandla home following suspicions that she poisoned the president sometime last year, reported the Sunday Times.

Last year Zuma was hospitalized about a month after the elections. The official statement that was released by the presidency said he was tired and had gone to hospital for tests. However, the Sunday Times has revealed that the president was actually ill. According to the newspaper, Zuma’s personal physician, who has since been removed from his position, is believed to have misdiagnosed his ailment and prescribed medication which resulted in him becoming disoriented. The president only discovered two months later while travelling in the US that he had been poisoned. After his trip to the US, he went to Russia for further diagnosis and treatment. Russian doctors reportedly confirmed that he had indeed been poisoned. It is reported that this made Zuma very angry. He suspected that he had been poisoned by someone in his family, someone who had access to his food. The first suspect that came to his mind was his second wife MaNtuli.

The relationship between Zuma and MaNtuli is believed to have grown sour over the past few years, ever since MaNtuli was reported to have had an extramarital affair. The president suspects that it could be her unhappiness at being sidelined that motivated her to poison him.

In January it was rumoured that MaNtuli had been kicked out of Zuma’s Nkandla home. These rumours were supported by her absence from the state of the nation address while Zuma’s other three wives attended.

Zuma’s brother confirmed that MaNtuli has moved out of Nkandla. However, he said he didn’t know the reasons as to why she moved out and was still looking for answers. MaNtuli is said to be currently staying in Durban with her three children.

The Presidency dismissed the poisoning allegations as gossip and declined to comment further.


  1. Donkey G says:

    If she really poisoned him, she must be very stupid. You can’t poison the country’s president and expect not to get caught.

  2. OhNoNotAgain says:

    She was so near to becoming a National Hero!

  3. Tshilo says:

    If that lady did DAT I don’t blame her,caz the president cnt say he cn give luv 2 all of his wife’s,,n WT kind of man is DAT kicking out u wife without proof,ao!u are miss leading our youth especially yong boys”father’s of tomorrow”.

  4. svora says:

    she must be punished 4 dat !!!

  5. Amanda says:

    This wife is very stupid hw cld u cheat on sm1 u cll ur husband n poisen him bcz u wnt 2do ur dirt work

  6. Asive says:

    Mantuli is saved.. she cannot do such thing.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is not true Mantuli didn’t do anything like that

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