Boyfriend Escapes Death For Wanting to Spend Christmas With Wife

By Oliver Ngwenya    25-Dec-2014 23:03 UTC+02:00

While the rest of the country and the world were busy celebrating Christmas on Thursday
, one woman in Soweto was locked up in a cell to await trial for attempting to shoot her boyfriend for wanting to share Christmas Day with his wife.

Trouble started when the unnamed boyfriend who is apparently married to another woman in a different part of the country announced to the woman that he wanted to go and spend the Christmas Day with his wife. This apparently angered the woman and, as the saying goes that “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”, she tried every trick in the book to stop her boyfriend from deserting her. She tried to block him and to threaten him with all sorts of calamities. When these did not work, she pulled out a gun. It appears that even this did not seem to have dampened the man’s eagerness to be with his better half. The furious woman is then said to have fired a single shot. It is not very clear if she missed him by design or by default but miss him she did. This does not seem to have gone down well with the man as he bolted to the nearest police station, Dobsonville in this case and reported the near fatal calamity. This then led to the arrest of the man’s girlfriend and to the emergence of another crime.

On further investigation, the police discovered that the gun that was used to shoot at the man did not belong to the woman but to a friend of hers who was in the police force. It was then that the police unearthed the information that the person to whom the gun was registered had not given the woman permission to take their gun. According to Warrant Officer Kay Makhubela, the woman who is in her early 30s , will be held in police custody, will face charges of attempted murder as well as theft of a firearm. He added that she would appear at the Protea Megistrate’s Court on Monday.

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