GTA V is coming for PS4 and Xbox One

By Paula Sans    29-Jul-2014 20:03 UTC+02:00

Many console game series have the ability to make an instant impact in the gaming community and blow everyone away with a new gameplay experience that illustrates just how far technology has come. From San Andreas to Los Santos, Grand Theft Auto continues to generate an impressive fanbase through a plethora of crime-based activities that allow you to follow the story of criminals who work their way towards the big job that ultimately decides their fate and fortune.

The latest instalment allows gamers to take control of Michael, Trevor and Franklin who have their own unique lifestyles in Los Santos before teaming up to carry out a number of heists to keep their head above water and earn big money. Grand Theft Auto V is equally popular for the free roam qualities it provides, with gamers able to purchase their own house and fine array of cars in a garage, while numerous clothes shops, shooting ranges and a strip club offer something for everyone away from the dangerous world of crime. Gamers have the options of enjoying an engrossing mission-based story in single player, or enter the online world of Los Santos to share the city with other gamers to compete in race and team deathmatches, or generally drive around creating havoc whilst avoiding police pursuits.

Next-Gen consoles

Due to the overwhelming success of GTA V on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, RockStar have announced they are developing the game for next generation console gamers to enjoy this fall. The progression from current generation to next generation consoles will see an inevitable improvement in technical and graphical improvements to provide a superb level of detail that brings Los Santos closer to you. From intricate environmental detail across every building to the ever-changing weather conditions and sounds heard across each area of Los Santos, each aspect of GTA V will be further enhanced to bring RockStar’s reimagining of Southern California more into perspective.

While current generation gamers have been blown away by the visual qualities and superb gameplay options across GTA V, there is greater scope for even more on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Improved frame rates, processing speeds and image resolution will provide increased viewing distances wherever you are on the Los Santos map, along with denser traffic, members of public walking on the pavement and finer texture details. The Grand Theft Auto series has always been endorsed for breaking boundaries in the gaming industry – V is set to follow suit with wonderful visuals that will blow everyone away.

New features

The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 have already been held in high acclaim due to the wonderful high definition graphics and resolution it provides across every game, with Grand Theft Auto V set to be no different. Due to the enhanced power and processing speeds provided by both consoles, gamers will hope to see more content and features to make their Los Santos experience on single player and online even more enjoyable. An extensive array of new vehicles, weapons, job and properties may become available to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers, with player customisation options also set to allow you to personalise your character to look just like you. Next generation consoles may also bring the one and only casino in Los Santos to life; although it exists on current generation platforms, the casino is only part of the environmental structure and does not allow gamers to enter and play their favourite casino games. The upcoming release may allow GTA V lovers to play casino games for the first time since San Andreas which can be utilised to not only enjoy some down time away from creating havoc and completing missions, but also potentially raise additional funds for new clothes, vehicles or weapons. Gamers can always try their hand at if they wish to play for real money online, but casino gameplay could be one of numerous new features on the upcoming release that will make a huge impact across the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gaming community.

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