Hyenas on the Loose, not Lion

By Guest Author    11-Apr-2012 19:40 UTC+02:00

Hyena. Photo: National Geographic.

Yesterday it was reported that a lion was on the loose near uLundi. However, according to Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, it was not a lion but hyenas, which are less dangerous to humans.

Apparently the couple who spotted the animal on Tuesday morning (around 1:00 am) said they saw a big cat.

The paw prints of hyenas and lions are said to be comparable. This resulted in the animal tracker confusing the paw prints of the hyena with those of a lion.

Early this morning (around 3:00 am) a team from KZN Wildlife who were tracking the lion played a sound of feeding lion in order to lure it. However, two hyenas showed up. They ran away after realizing that they were being lured.

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