Israeli Army Shells a Refugee School, Killing Ten and Injuring 35

By Oliver Ngwenya    03-Aug-2014 21:41 UTC+02:00

A school which was set up by the United Nations to house displaced people in the south of Gaza Strip was hit by an air strike from the Israeli army. Ten people died and 35 were injured. Photo: AFP.

In the unprecedented war between Israel on the one side and the Hamas on the other side, the latest news is that a school which was set up by the United Nations to house displaced people in the south of Gaza Strip was hit by what has been described by United Nations officials as an air strike by the Israeli army. It has been learnt that the attack has resulted in the demise of ten people. This officially signals the revamping of the ongoing war after what has been described as a fragile ceasefire.

According to United Nations officials, this latest spate, which saw air strikes launched and affecting the Rafah school, a refuge for more than three thousand displaced Palestinians, also resulted in the injury of over thirty five people. According to witnesses, the explosions occurred during meal time when people were waiting in line to get food. Afterwards, several bodies, including those of children were seen scattered all over the place. This attack resulted in a mouthful from the United Nations Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon when he described it as “a moral outrage and a criminal act. ”

The Israeli army and Hamas have been officially at war for several weeks only and the death toll has already topped 1 700 Palestinians most of whom are civilians according to Palestinian officials. Over ten thousand others have been injured with the result that the hospitals in Gaza Strip are struggling to cope with the rate at which the injured are coming in. Israel, on the other hand, has had better luck, having had a death toll of only sixty four after infantry lieutenant, Hadar Goldin, who had been feared to have been kidnapped in action had actually died on the battlefield. His funeral was held later on Sunday. His death seems to have sparked a fresh spate of hostilities between the sworn enemies after Hamas broke a fragile truce when they fired more than fifty rockets towards Israel earlier in the weekend, to which the Israeli army responded with more than three thousand of their own. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, responding to the breach of the truce by Hamas, asked the world not to second guess him in dealing with his old enemy. Immediately, his army embarked on destroying the tunnels and shafts that Hamas has been using to mount attacks on the Jewish Army. By Sunday, according to military spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner, the army had destroyed more than thirty tunnels and shafts. Netanyahu has indicated that his army would continue to be available until they had satisfied all the needs of the country.

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