Lil Wayne tour bus shot at multiple times

By Brian Harry    27-Apr-2015 13:54 UTC+02:00

Lil Wayne’s tour buses were shot at several times overnight while driving on I-285 near I-75 in Cobb country early Sunday morning. Atlanta police were tipped off at around 3:30 am after Lil Wayne’s performance at the Compound Nightclub on Saturday night. A few minutes after his two tour buses pulled away from the club, sources say that the suspects immediately started shooting at the two buses.

The two drivers tipped off the police and on their arrival at the Mandarin Oriental hotel on Peachtree road, Atlanta Spokeswoman Elizabeth Espy reported that,”witnesses could only provide a limited description of the suspect vehicles. They were described as two white vehicles and an SUV”.

Cobb country police spokesman Sgt. Dana Pierce confirmed the shooting and said that as of Sunday morning there were no known suspects. It was reported also that there were about 12 passengers boarding between the two tour buses, including a few other Young Money execs and artists Lil Twist and Hood, and it is still unclear if Lil wayne was on board the bus that was hit.

Fortunately it appears nobody was injured. The two buses were drivng to a nearby hotel and that was when the police were called to the 3300 block of peachtree road. It appears all of the 12 passengers did not see the suspects from inside the buses. No further information was provided.

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