Malema: “We don’t want people who are scared of whites.”

By Ntokozo Sindane    12-Jun-2013 21:59 UTC+02:00 19
In happier times, President Jacob Zuma (left) and Julius Malema (right) sharing a joke and holding hands. Things are not the same anymore. – image -

In happier times, President Jacob Zuma (left) and Julius Malema (right) sharing a joke and holding hands. Things are not the same anymore. – image –

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) political party intends to make quite an impression on the South African voting public. The EFF is Julius Malema’s new political endeavor and by the look of things, Malema wants to shake things up in the African National Congress and white community.

Malema spoke to the media about a conversation during which he remembers President Jacob Zuma saying that the president of South Africa at the time, Thabo Mbeki had to be removed. He said that after Mbeki was recalled as president, Mbeki supporters were harassed by the ANC. He continued: “What type of organization are we building? Where are those that disagree; their heads are chopped.”

Julius Malema still speaks with the same vigor and determination that landed him in hot water with the ANC when he was employed as the president of the ANCYL. He has been very open about the fact that he needs money to get the wheels of the EFF in motion. He has offered reasons why the ANC, SACP, COSATU and ANCYL are no longer relevant to voters. As far as Malema is concerned, the EFF is the best political solution for South Africa.

The EFF needs supporters and more than anything, funding. Malema asked anyone who shares his vision to contact him regarding proposals for fund-raising. However, a helping hand cannot be expected from white businesses after Malema uttered: “We are radical…we don’t want people who are scared of whites…if you have that phobia, stay at home.”

Julius Malema is likely to offend white people when he attends to “those who perpetuated apartheid” and benefited from it. The EFF is motivated by “justice” rather than “reconciliation”. Many South Africans are still coming to grips with Malema’s political ambitions and they have voiced mixed emotions on social networks, it remains to be seen if this will translate into votes.


  1. Sihle says:

    Dumbest guy in the world – Malema. Just bcos u have landed in hot water now u want support frm sa citizens. U r more corrupt than u say others r corrupt, u make me sick. This country is 4 all of us, black, white and coloured. Who r u 2 think u can make things better. Mandela didn’t fight for u 2 bring chaos in the country. I must say u r headed 4 the worst, ask Jackie Selebi.

  2. muzi says:

    maybe at seshego.

  3. muzi says:

    to ambitions.

  4. muzi says:

    you like vuyo. a big dreamer advert on tv.

  5. muzi says:

    malema stole money and he was disciplined and now he wants to form a gang to take it by force, he is mad.

  6. muzi says:

    peolpe must not be fooled. we dont need another party in south africa. we need good leaders.

  7. muzi says:

    not Agang,not DA and never will another party do better than the anc.

  8. muzi says:

    all other parties are just ganging and pushing anc up.

  9. fyah prince says:

    Voetsek wena Sihle, don’t. Get use to Malema.

  10. Bikoism says:

    Julius,please stop wasting your time trying to liberate the so called black people.
    If black people wanted real freedom, they would have understood and voted the PAC
    into power. All the brown skinned people want is to wake up in the morning to
    greet the yellow faced racists ‘hello my baas’. Ask Mugabe, you’ll give them
    the land and they’ll follow the yellow faced racists to Britain, Europe, US or
    you know where else to work as garden boys. And guess what: the Jesus killer
    Jew Helen – the real president of South Africa who instructed prime minister
    Zuma to fire you, Menzi Simelane, Bheki Cele and you know who else will be
    laughing at your face, thanks to the innocent blood of Jesus Christ, the devil
    has given them (The Devil Alliance Pharisees) the whole ownership of this
    world. Like cows to the slaughterhouse, the devil has made faithless blacks submissive
    to the Jesus killer Jew running this country from London and Washington. And by
    the time you wake up, all black people you want to lead to the ‘promised land’
    would be dead from Jesus killer Jew AIDS genocide and food poisoning. Madam
    said this genocide will be accomplished by 2024. Get my drift? My advice, stay
    put and be as patient as death, in no time umshini will be gone. Now focus on
    convincing the erstwhile comrades to get out of this dirty economy manipulated
    by Jewish Satanists because every time you’d be approaching economic power,
    they will ‘kill’ your rand like a Zim dollar. But I doubt your comrades will oblige
    since they have been bribed silly through the taxpayer’s money and BEE deals to
    do the dirty job of the old National Party. Talk of hiring a better oppressor.
    The medieval wizards, they simply played chess and decided to hire your former
    political behemoth because it was costing them too much money and resources to sustain oppression and control this country with the minority Afrikaners. Now you know
    why they shot those miners in Marikana? Right? Checkmate, now do you realize it
    may take you another hundred years outside this ‘behemoth of a party’ to convince
    brainwashed slow blacks that your ex politcal party is a traitor! Welcome to
    the devil’s world. You’re up against something planned about 361 years ago,
    this is about 327 years before you were born. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not
    discouraging you here, I’m only saying think long and hard before you give this
    your best shot. In short I was simply suggesting that the vantage point could
    be right from the decks of this behemoth ship you are contemplating to jump.

    • depressed clown says:

      dude you need to study your bible will love and compassion, the way the gospel wanted you to read the entire testaments. your symbolism is almost pagan-like, a by-product of a religious intelligence trap. this world is degernating and hopeless… thats why the bible was here. before you read it work on your discipline before thinking of ideas 300 years ago, 600 years ago someone thought greatly of your future and they dead but you dont give a damn, you wanna focus on the negative. fine, you die by your consumption. whats making you live is also killing you. your sanity.

  11. Mamavhi says:

    We need leaders who stand for their words, fearless courageous n scientifical strong. We r tired of mashmallow leaders against oppression. Julius liberate us from ths diabolic profound leaders.

  12. Fire says:

    Malema must just ask for forgiveness to the ANC and move on with his life…he was a failure and he disappointed his youth movement and the mother body which is ANC.

  13. depressed clown says:

    jeez theirs allot of crap here. Mandela did his time in prison according to apartheid law, won a co-op peace prize, then president then stepped down because of health and senescence. anc is nothing but a terrorist group that was a necessary evil to an imperialist regime.blacks,whites (african),Europeans,american all fought for our freedom. 100 years of struggle, if you said 100 years of jihad it would send a different message (jihad means struggle) they should step down and practice being opposing council and let new generations come in. step down, because the majority will always fight for anc. im black,my entire family is black, but my house and everything my family worked for in good sense will mean nothing, my houses value will be the same price as an Iraqi house in 2005. julius malema has insufficient valor,ethics,sportmanship,morality,and genuine care. he had his chance his hatred is shown in clear colours. no more hate. no more new parties from the same characters. live on african power (black, whites and anyone who wants to strive in south africa)

  14. makhosini says:

    you leave malema alone all you people who are afraid of white and satisfy of being slaved in your own county. Many of black people who came from the farms are poor and while whites make cash and slave them, so we not gonna fold our hands and stay comfort with this poor black people and laught them claiming that they are not educated and that is why they are so poor. Whether they’ve planned to slave black 600 years or 900 years ago but they knew that time will come for black man to strike back and this is it, we are fearless and radical. Long live malema and the EFF.

  15. Kgosto says:

    Juju pple dey thout u r playing but now they can c dat ofihle bafana EFF is there bras us not for u mazANC zuma rules ka paahla ya tshipi papa ayeye!! Buya buya bafana wth our political party EFF our party our feature xo bra ju

  16. Whiteboy says:

    Listen here you all have to vote for the white man to run the country and you will see better changes or els keep voting for your stupid corrupt thieving A.N.C and your all Doomed
    yes gone with racist and free to all
    vote D.A and all will be ok

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