Nelson Mandela Undergoes Operation

By Staff Writer    28-Jul-2013 18:20 UTC+02:00 17

The hopes of Nelson Mandela’s recovery are dwindling as his health seems to be deteriorating in hospital. His health condition is not clearly known at the moment. The presidency has not released a statement on his health status since Monday, 22 July. Last time a statement was issued Mandela was said to be in a critical condition but showing signs of improvement.

Media reports on Madiba’s health have been contradicting each other lately, leaving the public not knowing what his current health status is. Recently, CBS News reported that on Friday Mandela underwent a minor operation to unblock a dialysis tube. While some reports claim that Madiba is recovering, two health scares on his condition were reported last week.

CBS News reported that “On one occasion Nelson Mandela was not responding to his medicines, and on another his life support machine showed him in distress.” Presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj has not confirmed if Mandela did undergo an operation. Also, he said he was unaware of any recent health scares.

CBS News is a reputable news source. It is unlikely that they would report a false story knowing that this could damage their reputation. There is a possibility that Maharaj is trying to keep members of the public at ease by not telling them what is really going on as far as Mandela’s health is concerned.

It is also possible that Maharaj is being kept out of the loop on some developments as the health of a patient is a private matter. Since international news sources don’t mind paying millions for a big scoop of news, it is possible that they have an inside source among members of the medical team or the Mandela family.

It is not the first time that CBS News reported about Mandela undergoing an operation during his current hospital stay. In June, they reported that Mandela had undergone two surgical procedures, one to insert a tube in his body and another to repair a bleeding ulcer. They also reported that his kidney and liver functions were down to 50%. Maharaj dismissed their report as untrue.

Mandela is now entering his 8th week in hospital.


  1. Helen Oates says:

    What has Mr. Mandela done to be tortured like this? He has done more than his fair share for world, country and family alike. Why are ‘the powers that be’ insist on prolonging his death, because they are certainly not prolonging his life!!! Bless him and shame to those who will not let him rest.

  2. zamo lungy zulu says:

    Get well Tata the whole world loves you god with you

  3. Stanley says:

    Mr Mandela has served his nation well. The prolonged treatment at the age of 94 – 95 is just a money-making sham! Would they treat you @ R100 000 per day for at least 56 days if your medical aid cover is finished after 14 days? But because us tax payers are footing the bill, he is being used as a cash-cow, milking him for every penny as long as there are money in the fiscus…. shame on them!

  4. vusi mlotshwa says:

    sikufisela ukwelulama madiba wesizwe

  5. nare says:

    as a supporter of president nelson mandela we knw every thing cm step by step bcz i ur believ we are always praing 4 him

  6. Vuyiswa says:

    God knws the pain u r feeling may he heal u Tata gt bter we stl need u

  7. mafusi says:

    tata we wish u speed recovery god bless u

  8. john mogatlanyane says:

    Get wl mr mandela i wish u a speedy recovery @ long life tata

  9. blessings says:

    get wei sn tata God b wth u

  10. zirba says:

    we wish you a change in your health status .we will be very jubilant if your health recuperate

  11. abuu says:

    The whole world is praying for u.quick recovery nelson.

  12. pontsho pilusa says:

    We wish u speed recovery tata and we as the whole south africa we pray for u to better,we love you tata

  13. Jakadwede solomon says:

    May th Lord God grand u kwik rcovery,luv u Madibha

  14. Solomon jakadwede says:

    Speed recovery tata,

  15. dr know nkalanga says:

    95 years its a blessing more than doubled. he was, he is and is going to remain a great man in country and the world at large.and for what he did he deserves a peaceful rest, no need to add more suffering

  16. Nhlanhla mtshwene says:

    We wish u a speedy recovery tata madiba

  17. Kamogelo says:

    I do wish that tata could live,bt does he have to suffer so badly to live? Im a South African,I appreciate all that he has done and I strongly believe he deserves his rest now..He lives forever in our hearts,we carry him with us as we grow as South African we need to let him go.

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