Pictures of Pistorius Crime Scene Go Viral

By Ntokozo Sindane    01-Jun-2013 05:07 UTC+02:00
Pictures of the crime scene at the home of Oscar Pistorius have gone viral. – image -

Pictures of the crime scene at the home of Oscar Pistorius have gone viral. – image –

For the first time since the news of the shooting of Reeva Steenkamp at her boyfriend’s home on Valentine’s Day broke out, the public has been afforded a glimpse into the actual crime scene. On Friday, Sky News released the pictures of the crime scene at the home of one of the most famous athletes in the world, Oscar Pistorius.

The images are vivid and they come just a few days before Pistorius returns to court on 4 June to tell his side of the story. One of the pictures depicts the toilet door with markings of the bullet entry points. The Pistorius legal team previously explained that the bullet holes were situated towards the lower half of the door because he was shooting from a low level. Pistorius had not been wearing his prosthetic limbs at the time of the shooting.

The defence team is expected to argue that these images serve as evidence of their theory that Pistorius was caught off-guard and had to defend himself with no time to even put on his prosthetic legs.

Many found the images disturbing as they show a bloody scene with a large pool of blood on the floor near the toilet seat. The bathroom itself is very small and there appears to have been nowhere else for Steenkamp to have hidden herself besides the toilet seat and cistern. The images also show blood on the toilet seat.

The pictures came to light during an investigation into property that went missing while the police were processing the crime scene after the shooting. A watch from the paralympian’s collection has not been accounted for.

The police have been unimpressive in their handling of the investigation into the death of Reeva Steenkamp. It turned out that the lead investigator in the case, Warrant Officer Hilton Botha, had committed a few blunders of his own before and during the investigation. He was at the centre of a trial where he faced seven charges of attempted murder. He also recklessly walked through the Pistorius crime scene and possibly contaminated the evidence. He has since left the police force.

Sources known to Sky News revealed that the investigation into the missing watch is on-going and that other officers have been implicated in this matter. If these allegations against the police are true, it may mean that the investigation into the young model’s death has been severely jeopardised.

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