Reeva’s Ex Speaks About Their Last Meeting

By Ntokozo Sindane    13-Mar-2013 06:21 UTC+02:00 1
Reeva Steenkamp's ex, Warren Lahoud says that Oscar kept calling her while they were having a friendly meeting. - image –

Reeva Steenkamp’s ex, Warren Lahoud says that Oscar kept calling her while they were having a friendly meeting. – image –

It’s been almost a month since Valentine’s Day when Reeva Steenkamp was shot and killed by her fairly-new boyfriend, South African paralympian Oscar Pistorius. During his bail application, Oscar’s lawyers read a statement prepared by Oscar in which he explained the events of those early hours. In the affidavit, Oscar says that he had thought that burglars were inside his home and he acted only with intent to protect Reeva when he fired his weapon.

Since that fateful morning, there have been rumors of a love triangle. News24 confirmed that BBC had produced a documentary in which Reeva’s former boyfriend sheds light on the days leading to the death of the young model and television personality. The documentary might further fuel rumors that maybe this was not an accident; maybe it was a crime of passion. Warren Lahoud told BBC about a meeting with Reeva just a couple of days before the shooting at Oscar’s home. The two former lovers had met for coffee and to catch up.

Lahoud says that he had met Oscar on two occasions and that “there was never anything negative out of it all”. He also said that Oscar had repeatedly called Reeva while she was with Lahoud. Warren Lahoud says that Oscar never came up in their conversation. This was in response to whether Reeva had expressed any misgivings about her relationship with the star athlete to Lahoud.

The prosecutor will be interested to hear that Reeva Steenkamp , as far as Warren Lahoud remembers from their five year relationship, did not usually lock the toilet door when she used the bathroom.

Oscar Pistorius was released from the custody of the state on bail of R1 million. He appeared at the North Gauteng High Court recently to have the bail conditions reviewed; the defense team feels that the conditions attached to Oscar’s bail are too severe for the circumstances. Oscar Pistorius will face the magistrate on 4 June.



  1. Ogo says:

    Oscar: I don’t understand why you had to have coffee with your ex just before Valentine’s. Are you planning on getting back together?Reeva: Of course not. Why would you think something like that?Oscar: Then I don’t ever want to see you with him again!Reeva: What? You cannot tell who I should or shouldn’t see!—-Oscar gets very angry. They fight for hours. Five hours later, Reeva heads to the bathroom, angry as hell.—-Reeva: You know now I realize that I made a mistake dating you. I don’t know what I was thinking. Tomorrow morning I’m leaving. (She locks herself in the bathroom)Oscar: You are not going anywhere b!tch. Get your a$$ back here!!Reeva: (No response)Oscar: Can’t you hear I’m talking to you!? (Tries to open the bathroom door but finds it locked). You know what I’m going to teach you a lesson…

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