South Africa Not Ready to be Led by a Female President

By Mvusi Ngubane    10-Oct-2013 12:08 UTC+02:00 26
ANCWL President Angie Motshekga, Image by

ANCWL President Angie Motshekga, Image by

The Republic of South Africa is not yet ready for a female president, reports the ANC Women’s League (ANCWL).

On Monday, the women’s league, which claimed to be the only organisation within the nation and possibly the continent that acknowledges the leadership capabilities of women, stated it is devoted to honouring the processes and leadership traditions of ANC which have a “long life”.

“We know the ANC,” stated the league’s president, Angie Motshekga, “We understand the ANC, we understand the processes, and no one wants to go into a futile battle. There are traditions, there are processes and those processes have a long, long life.”

This stance was first announced in October 2012 when Clara Ndlovu, the league’s Mpumalanga provincial secretary, claimed the country was “not prepared” to be governed by a woman president as “we do not have capable leaders”

Many political organisations were upset by Ndlovu’s statement last year. The ANCWL raised concerns that the statement was being misrepresented by the media and issued another statement ammending Ndlovu’s assertions shortly afterwards.

“We say the time is not right, not because we don’t have capable leaders. However, the ANCWL currently needs to assist in healing and unifying the organisation and we believe this continuity will assist in achieving this goal rather than bringing another candidate to the fore and creating further rifts in our organisation.”

Monday saw Motshekga report what seemed to be a slight contradiction of the women’s league’s pronounced position, Motshekga said the league would enter a “losing battle” if it were to propose a female president at this time.

“You don’t just wake up and make a pronouncement to say I am going to be a deputy president, “said Motshekga, “It’s a process”. One that, according her, should be conducted “respectfully and not in an opportunistic way.”

Sisisi Tolashe, the ANCWL secretary-general concurs with Motshekga. She also assures that neither the league nor women are being diminished by the ANC which ensures a 50 percent representation across its cabinet.

“The ANC is a liberation movement and we have our own process. I think we are almost there,” she said.


  1. Tshepo says:

    sa is ready for anything even a woman president.

  2. Ntokozo says:

    S.A is not ready for female president because i dont think that a female can disagree to agree like male does when coming to polotics

  3. tshiamo says:

    i think sa is ready for a woman president

  4. Lungile Langa@Lady L says:

    The women are less self worth. Leaded by a lady South Africa would go to war within a month. So ladies forget being presidents

  5. Lindeka ngobese says:

    S.a stil nid male president bcz smtym women are so moody sometymz nd hold grudges 4 other people

  6. Tshepo Mashata says:

    Woman are less fortunate. Who would want to be lead by a woman? Guys man up!

  7. Kgaogelo thwala says:

    I think sa is ready for a female president women are smatter than men

  8. Kgaogelo thwala says:

    I think sa is not ready for a female president who will want to be learded by a women come on guys think

  9. Bright says:

    Having women on leaders position would help to reduce women abuse

  10. Felix raice says:

    Sa is not ready for a women president bcz women are not brave enough lyk man are

  11. asanda says:

    I think south Africa is ready for female president because woman who are in power right now they doing very well the like’s of nkosazana dlamini Zuma they do understand our struggle very well #woman’s power woman are ruling the country ryt now

  12. Thato Faith Moeng says:

    No woman
    Should b allowed 2 b president cos thy don’t respect men’s, and a country like s.a is a most disgusting country so no need to have a female president, men’s a one’s they should face war only

  13. sydney sithole says:

    S.a is aint ready for a presindent bcoz what’s the use of a female president

  14. tshegofatso temba says:

    S.a is ready for a woman president bcus now it seems like womans are pressured as they do not get the platform to express their feeling…so lets give them a chance

  15. joan baruti diphoko says:

    SA is not ready for a woman President, because we have freedom now because of a men( Nelson Mandela)

  16. Princess duduzile makhuba says:

    Woman are people who are so diligent thy cant rule the country

  17. mmapaseka motlhale says:

    women are so diligent to rule a country . they even cant cope in a office 4 a day .ladies please stop trying becoming leaders

  18. mmapaseka motlhale says:

    women cannot be given a oppotunity to lead south africa

  19. lungile says:

    When women rule they wana equalize scores and settle old grudges against men. Only a happily married woman must be chosen not a man_hating single woman or lesbian. Plus let’s choose according to talent and ability not just to make someone a President coz she has a vagina.NO.

  20. divhithani says:

    south africa is ready for a female president because women want to sets records str8 they hate corruptions n they can lead a south afeica to be a well educated country

  21. Sphelele Ncayiyana Puh says:


  22. thando mlaba says:

    we are all equal when it come to the constitution of south Africa, let’s give
    women a chance to take in their country.

  23. manaka tumisho says:


  24. manaka tumisho glory says:

    Women can be presidents They can lead… If mama winning was so strong and had leadership skills what could stop others to do it…and too it can strengthen the feminist agenda in south Africa and reduce women abuse

  25. Blessing Kaira says:

    no woman

  26. Anonymous says:

    S.A is not rdy for a female president because women have alot of emotions than men do

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