Teenager Beheaded in Satanic Act

By Mvusi Ngubane    21-Oct-2013 22:06 UTC+02:00
Blood-covered walls allude to the horrendous beheading of a young boy. Image by Cape Argus

Blood-covered walls allude to the horrendous beheading of a young boy. Image by Cape Argus

Cape Town- Saturday evening revealed the outcome of a sinister act as the head of a 15-year-old boy, Lee Heinrich Adams, was discovered buried in the front garden of his alleged murderer – a 17-year-old male who is suspected to have beheaded the young teen as part of a satanic ritual.

Adams’ body was found not more than 120 metres away from his aunt’s home where he lived last week Thursday in one of the classrooms of the dilapidated Florida Primary School which is within a 1.5 kilometre range of his alleged decapitator‘s home where the head was unburied.

Spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel André Traut reported in accordance with Independent Online that the body was discovered in the late evening hours of Thursday the 17th of October and added that the 17-year-old was arrested following a thorough investigation.

“The beheaded body was discovered at Third Avenue in Ravensmeadon Thursday night at around 10:15pm,” Traut reported, “A search at the residence of the suspect led to the discovery of the head buried in the front garden on Saturday Night.”

Traut revealed that items discovered in the investigation led police to infer satanic rituals motivated the horrendous act. “Paraphernalia suggesting that Satanism is a possible motive was found at the residence of the suspect.”

The victim’s mother, Gaynor Adams, said she had last seen her son on Thursday evening when she sent him to withdraw cash from an ATM, reporting “He never came back.”

Gaynor first heard of her son’s misfortune the following day when someone reported that a boy’s body had been discovered in the school on the same street as her house. “The next day I hear from someone in the street that a body was found at the school and she identified him as a boy from the same street we live in – not knowing I was his mother.”

On Saturday afternoon, it was noticed by police that the headless corpse was dressed in the same clothes as those described by Gaynor when she reported her son missing on Thursday.

I knew it was him,” she said, “It was my son. I can’t even describe what was going through my head, shock, pain – he was my eldest son.”

Zelda Tarentaal, the Community Police Forum spokes person relayed her shock and disbelief on the matter and said that although the derelict school building was known as a crime hotspot, murders of this nature and satanic rituals are a first for the community.

“We have never had something like this happen before and we have never had satanic things in this area.” Tarentaal reported. “This building is a breeding ground for crime, for the past ten years we have been asking for it to be removed,” she added.

The Adams family said they could not begin to think of reasons for why such a terrible act had fallen upon their son whom they described as a good boy who loved his music and joking around.

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