Gay tokoloshe repeatedly rapes man

PUBLISHED: 18-Aug-2012 05:35 UTC+02:00

Daily Sun

Alex Nkosi (Daily Sun)— There are three bodies in the marital bed, a man his wife and a gay Tokoloshe.

The Tokoloshe only has eyes for the man. He rapes him all night, every night, leaving nothing for the wife to enjoy.

This has been going on for 15 years and now Isaac Malope (51) and his wife Constance Mazibuko (43), from Alemansdrift C, near Siyabuswa in Mpumalanga, are afraid to go to sleep.

Isaac said: “Every night he comes between me and my wife and rapes me over and over. When he leaves, I no longer have energy for my wife and even if I try to get an erection, nothing happens.”

It is reported that Malope has traveled all over the African continent looking for help and has wasted nearly R200 000.

According to Daily Sun, Malope is appealing to anyone who can help save his marriage.

Anyone who can help can call Daily Sun in Tshwane on 012 424 6251.