Chaos as Flabba’s Girlfriend Appears in Court

By Oliver Ngwenya    11-Mar-2015 08:33 UTC+02:00
Sindisiwe Precious Manqele who is being accused of stabbing Flabba Habedi on Monday morning. Image: News24

Sindisiwe Precious Manqele. She is being accused of stabbing Flabba Habedi to death on Monday morning.
Image: News24

It was all chaos and drama both outside and inside at the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday as the accused in the stabbing of musician Nkululeko Habedi, who was also his girlfriend, Sindisiwe Precious Manqele appeared to face the charge of killing him in the early hours of Monday morning.

Sindisiwe is accused of stabbing her boyfriend at his Alexandra home through the heart and thereby killing him instantly. The petite young lady is reported to have been arrested at the scene of the crime where the police found her. Scenes leading up to the violent crime have not been made clear, but according to the short appearance on Tuesday, Manqele showed bruises and cuts to the magistrate which could be an indication that there may have been a violent altercation between the two in the time leading up to the fatal incident.

The courtroom in Alexandra was a scene of total chaos as the courtroom was packed to capacity way before the set time. A lot of people had to be turned away as there were no more places in the courtroom. Some relatives of Habedi were also turned away and one lady complained that the courtroom security should have controlled who entered the court so that she could have gained entrance. After her court appearance, the accused and members of her family struggled to get into their car and drive off as a crowd tried to mob them and stop their car from leaving the narrow street where the magistrates court are located. This was after the group had traded unpleasantries with a rival group that featured friends and relatives of ‘Flabba’ Habedi.

Within the courtroom itself, there was drama of its own as the lawyer of the accused advised her to show the court what injuries she seemed to have acquired from the altercation. She showed the magistrate the bruises she sustained during the purported altercation with the now deceased Flabba. However, in response to these claims, the brother to Nkululeko, Tshepang Habedi has disputed these claims and said the injuries she is supposed to have sustained were self inflicted. He added that even the police were aware of this and had witnessed this happening. The magistrate, however agreed to have a doctor attend to her wounds even though it was not immediately clear if the doctor would be doing an official assessment for court purposes. The case was postponed to the 16th of March.

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