EFF Calls on Jacob Zuma to Resign and be Charged for Corruption

By Staff Writer    29-Nov-2013 17:36 UTC+02:00 3

EFF Calls On Jacob Zuma To Resign And Be Charged For Corruption Following The Nkandla Provisional Report

Press Release, 29 November, 2013

Following the provisional report by the National Public Protector that indeed President Zuma’s homestead upgrade involved huge personal benefit to the value of close to R200 millions, reported in the Mail and Guardian today, the Economic Freedom Fighters call on his resignation and for the National Prosecuting Authority to press corruption charges against him.

The provisional report at this stage recommends that Zuma must repay the state all the undue costs to his home upgrade. EFF reads Zuma’s upgrade as an embezzlement of public funds for personal gain that amounts to the crime of corruption. There should be no doubt that public funds have been knowingly used for personal gain, since the building of facilities like the kraal and the swimming pool have nothing to do with security. Zuma knew that he was using state resources, masquerading as a security upgrade, for his personal opulence.

What is most troubling is his interference in the hiring of the architect, leading to the undermining of tender regulation laws. This points to a simple fact that not only did Zuma want to steal public funds for his personal gain, but he did so to channel them to specific individuals of his choice, possibly friends and relatives. Furthermore, Zuma went on to mislead and lie to parliament about the Nkandla upgrade, which means he undermined his oath, the commitment never to lie to the public. This means he has disregarded the constitution he has to protect, the institutions he has to serve and made mockery of parliament and the public.

In a country with so much inequalities, where a majority of our people depend on the state for basic means of survival, corruption must be harshly dealt with. Zuma left government in 2004 due to corruption charges, which have since been dropped due to claims of political influence. The one thing that never did get answered is whether Zuma disregards public funds and if he is a corrupt man who would steal from the public purse, and thus the poor. The Nkandla upgrade not only proves his disreputable character, but that he should have never been allowed to come back to government and public office.

One of the seven cardinal pillars of the EFF is to have a corrupt free and accountable government; in this light EFF calls on Jacob Zuma to immediately resign and be charged for corruption. He must not be allowed to be in any public office not only to protect the public purse from his easy hand, but also to disable him from using his power as President of the Republic to undermine a proper prosecution and investigation into his illegal conduct.

Finally, all ministers and public officials that helped him embezzle public money must also resign from government and be charged with corruption. In addition, the architect, who received a tender without due process, including any other contractor in the Nkandla upgrade saga, must be brought to justice.


Mbuyiseni Ndlozi (National Spokesperson)


  1. Katleho says:

    This will take honest men and women who have guts in the NEC of ANC to stand against such kind of an arogant dictator like JZ to step him down.If that can happen, it is then the politics of South Africa will be taking another direction and ease the pressure on our economy!

  2. my name is steven nkuna says:

    We understand that government must be looked after the tax and the funds of the state but this is not it they way they do now.we as south african we get taxed so much and still we when we submit our RP5 forms we still owe so much while our leaders steal some of what we say its the purse for the state(this is not it at all)

  3. Welcome Mokabane says:

    There is nothing much I wanna say,finally alteration would occur in this country,I thank heavens,God is living.We’re in need of bursaries and I’ve a hope that we would get what we need but only if Zuma doesnt exist in our state parliament,actually this is what do we call a fortunate.S.A will be flowless without him.
    #Glad to hear this.

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