Luiz Suarez Banned For Four Months Due to Biting Incident

By R    26-Jun-2014 19:41 UTC+02:00


Uruguay’s superstar striker, Luiz Suarez has surprised many people around the world when he sunk his teeth into another player on the field for the third time in his professional career, when the team faced Italy in their final Group D encounter on Tuesday the 24th of June.

The Uruguayan again made headlines, increasing his notoriety and enraging football supporters worldwide when he bit Italian defender, Georgio Chiellini, on the shoulder, during the group match which decided which of the two football sides would proceed out of the group stages of the competition. Italy subsequently lost the encounter 1-0.

Suarez and his lawyer, Alejandro Balbi, a Uruguayan Football Association (AUF) member, were unrepentant in their approach with regards to their hearing by FIFA, with their argument being that it was all part of play and that Suarez himself actually came off worse in the incident than did Chiellini. Balbi also stated the claim that Suarez is the victim of an English and Italian conspiracy to get the player banned, due to some form of vengeance because of the fact that Suarez himself was instrumental in both sides being eliminated from the competition thus far. Rather than apologise and attempt immediately to repair the damaged relations with the striker, he attempted to prevent any responsibility for the issue being placed on his shoulders.

The end result: Luiz Suarez banned for four months from any football-related activities. On top of the former, Suarez, aged 27, has also been banned for a total of 9 international matches, leaving him out of any further FIFA World Cup 2014 matches. The news will no doubt seriously hamper the South American nation’s chances of any World Cup glory this year. Uruguay placed fourth in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and will be hoping for a similar result in this year’s competition.

The ban will also have a profound impact on Suarez’s current club, Liverpool, due to the fact that he will miss the first 9 matches of the 2014-15 English Premier League season.

At least some people benefited from this poor display of sportsmanship, with a Norwegian football fan netting over £500 after he placed a £3.09 bet at 175-1 odds that Suarez would bite another player during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. The man, Thomas Syverson recieved a£540 payout when the incident came to light. 167 people overall bet on this occurring and one man won over £2000 due to the incident.

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