When Mandela dies…

By Guest Author    12-Dec-2012 20:42 UTC+02:00

The recent hospitalization of Dr Nelson Mandela has got people thinking of what will happen to the country of South Africa when he is gone. Mandela is perceived as a symbol of freedom and peace in South Africa and around the world. Many people believe that his presence is the reason there are no major political and racial wars in South Africa. Some fear that when this highly beloved political legend passes on the country will turn upside down.

The South African news website recently posted an article titled “Mandela’s death will trigger mass killing of whites in SA“. According to this article, an anonymous source claims that the country’s Communist Party has been making plans for all white people to be slaughtered upon Mandela’s death. Although this may be nonsense that is not worth worrying about, it is clear that Mandela still silently plays an important role in the stability of this country. When he dies, there may be changes in many sectors of this country, especially international relations, Politics, Business, Tourism, etc.

It is easy for South Africans to take Mandela for granted and not fully appreciate his positive influence on the country’s economy and international relations. Mandela is the first person most international dignitaries long to meet when they come to South Africa. He has shaken hands with notable people like Oprah Winfrey, Will Smith, David Beckham, Michael Jackson, Michelle Obama, Bill Clinton and many others. Surely, this has put South Africa on the world map and encouraged other influential people to visit South Africa. It is believed that even the 2010 FIFA world cup was played in South Africa partly because of Madiba magic.

There are few legends people from overseas wish to meet here in South Africa. When Madiba dies, South Africa will be dealt a huge blow and things will definitely not be the same again without him.

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