Pistorius Fails in Bid to Prevent Additional Charges

By PAW    29-Oct-2013 21:55 UTC+02:00 1

The legal team of paralympian Oscar Pistorius was not successful in its attempt to stop the National Prosecuting Authority from piling additional charges on to his charge sheet. Earlier this year, Pistorius shot and killed his model and law student girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Steenkamp was visiting Pistorius at his Pretoria home to celebrate Valentine’s Day. At the time of her death, Steenkamp was in the bathroom of the athlete’s home.

Pistorius claims to have heard noises and thought that an intruder had made his way into the bathroom. Assuming that Steenkamp was still in bed, Pistorius says that he shot through the bathroom door with the intention of protecting both himself and his girlfriend.

The prosecution is not convinced that the version of events offered by Pistorius is truthful. In fact, the prosecution team seems to think that Oscar is in the habit of discharging a firearm in situations that do not call for it and it intends to have him answer to that effect. This refers to two other incidents during which Pistorius fired a gun in a restaurant and inside a car. According to media reports on Tuesday, Pistorius will face two additional charges for those incidents.

The defence tried to argue that those two incidents did not happen within the jurisdiction of the Pretoria High Court. The National Director of Public Prosecutions, Mxolisi Nxasana, was unmoved. He rejected the defence team’s bid to prevent the additional charges from sticking.

Meanwhile, the Steenkamp family is still struggling to accept that Reeva died a violent death at the hands of her lover, an internationally acclaimed athlete. The media attention that followed her death has not made things easy on them. Two months ago, her parents issued a statement in which they disputed certain quotes which were attributed to them by the media. Going forward, they will not be communicating directly with the media.

Oscar Pistorius will stand trial for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp in March 2014. The state is expected to depend on the testimony of 107 witnesses.


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