Racism a Norm Within the DA – Jackson Mthembu

By Staff Writer    18-Jun-2013 15:34 UTC+02:00 2

anc-da2ANC national spokesperson Jackson Mthembu has criticized Democratic Alliance (DA) leaders for being racist. This comes after Stanford Slabbert, a DA councilor in the Eastern Cape, circulated an email with racist remarks last week.

It is reported that Slabbert said President Jacob Zuma, who has four wives, has more wives than brain cells, implying that his level of intelligence is very low. He also said the ANC produces “dumb idiots who wait for handouts”.

The DA suspended Slabbert for his racist remarks. A number of people hailed the DA for suspending him, saying it did the right thing. However, Jackson Mthembu said Slabbert was only suspended after the ANC exposed the email, otherwise it would have gone unnoticed. According to a statement he published on the ANC’s website, he believes that racism is the norm within the DA. According to Mthembu, all DA leaders are the same as Slabbert. The only difference between them and him is that they haven’t been exposed.

“The attitude and arrogance displayed by Slabbert against black people is characteristic of the DA and had it not have been exposed by the ANC during the Presidency’s Budget Vote debate last week, it like many others would have gone unnoticed, unpunished and acceptable within the DA. The DA continues to treat black people like second-class citizens as demonstrated time and again in Cape Town and in Midvaal,” Mthembu said.

Athol Trollip, DA leader in the Eastern cape, said Slabbert’s disciplinary hearing will take place soon. He said the ANC has also allowed some of its members to make racist remarks in the past, without taking any action against them. He also said he won’t apologize on behalf of his party because Slabbert made the comments in his individual capacity.


  1. Mike Watkins says:

    comrade Jackson Mthembu this is a case of the kettle calling the pot black.How you can make such a flagrant statement coming out of this regime; which has instituted racist policy after racist policy from BEE to quotas to trying to hamstring model’C’ schools; you are clearly surviving on less brain cells than the Assegaai.How they manage to flap your lips surprises me; just because the ANC is controlled by a white man, in the guise of Jeremy Cronin does not make the ANC non-racist. nor the regime democratic.

  2. Kr Sitaram says:

    South Africans are of different races, different cultures, different languages, different religions, and a host of other differences.Instead of dwelling on these differences we should regard each other as individuals with particular strengths and weaknesses. Let us use the strengths to build better famiies and communities; let us help to overcome the weaknesses.
    Let us not demean individuals or groups for their difference and use it as a political tool.

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